We say Thanks Dan

By: 1000 Islands

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2023

How do you say thanks to a TI Life Team member who has provided 144 Sudoku Puzzles and we hope many more, for us to challenge? I have been thinking about this for several weeks. Finally, I decided the best way would be to say, THANKS Dan, and mean it.

Illustration by our TI Life Illustrator, Marie-Anne Erki, ©2023, Kingston, ON

It was back in June 2015 that Jessy Kahn, a visiting Toronto friend, came with me to visit Dan and Peggy LeKander at their beautiful home on Wellesley Island.  It did not take more than two minutes before Jessy thanked me for inviting her along on the interview, and she quickly asked if she could be the one to write the article about Dan and his recently published book, "“3 Advanced Sudoku Techniques, That Will Change Your Game Forever!” Before long, I was handed a lovely review. And from then on, both Jessy and I were hooked on Dan's sudokus.

TI Life's review of Dan's book by Jesse Kahn published in Jun 2015.

This month Lyne Roberge, whom we instantly recognize as the late Ian Coristine's wife, and our TI Life judge in our Annual Photo Contest in December, heard about my Thanks and she wrote:  

"Our long-time contributor Dan LeKander as you know not only lets us enjoy several monthly Sudoku puzzles that he created (it’s hard enough to do it, I can’t even imagine how one can creates these puzzles!) but helps us with tips to resolve them. I also appreciate the themes or monthly challenges he creates, adding so much more interest. I like how we can truly improve learning a bit more every month.
Dan thank you for the time and effort you are putting into our “monthly fun struggles”! The TILife community is lucky to have you on board, to make our monthly magazine so much more interesting and intriguing, and as my Ian (Coristine) would have said, to keep “raising the bar” and providing our readers with a truly quality product.
If you have not tried one of Dan’s Sudoku, please do! You will find the one that match your experience and learn so much more.
Thank you again Dan for all you do!  

Then author Lynn McElfresh, another longtime team member, added:

Being a writer, everyone assumes that I would be into crossword puzzles. But they’re wrong! I’ve never been a big crossword fan. I still remember when I was first introduced to Sudokus. (It was Christmas of 2005.) Sudokus has been my go-to game to kick back and enjoy. Thanks, Dan for your monthly sudokus.


Do you too want to say thanks? Think you may have missed some?  Have you tried some and have questions? Do you have comments to make about the book or the puzzles? Dan will certainly appreciate hearing from you.  

Dan’s book is still available: “3 Advanced Sudoku Techniques, That Will Change Your Game Forever!” Purchase of a book includes a 50-page blank grid pad, 33 black and two green tokens. The book is available by contacting info@thousandislandslife.com.

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So, THANKS Dan. Much appreciated.

Susan W.  Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

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