Dan LeKander

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Sudoku Puzzles #107, #108, & #109

We will continue with the 3 puzzles each month. That should be ample material for novices or seasoned veterans. I hope you enjoy this change.

Volume 17, Issue 5, May 2022
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #104, #105 & #106

April is bonus month. In addition to the “Clueless series” and feature puzzle, April will be the first month with a 3rd puzzle, a challenging Sudoku puzzle

Volume 17, Issue 4, April 2022
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #102 & #103

Have you tried our Sudoku Puzzles? Be sure to try these and go back in time and try those presented in the past. How about Puzzle 55? Let us know how you do.

Volume 17, Issue 3, March 2022
Dan LeKander

Sudoku #100 & #101!

When we published the final article in Dan's series “Steps to learn the logic of Sudoku”, I never in a million years thought that Dan would so graciously offer to do one or two puzzles just for TI Life, each month – but this month we present numbers 100 & 101!

Volume 17, Issue 2, February 2022
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #98 & #99 - Yes, #99!

Here we are in the middle of January and the first month of a brand-new year. May all your Sudoku wishes come true.

Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2022
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle #96 & #97

You will have time on the holiday to try these two Sudoku Puzzles. Good luck!

Volume 16, Issue 12, December 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku #94 & #95

On the morning of Sept 23 an idea came to me, which was to identify the number being used, and to mentally place the black tokens . . . yes, a whole new hint on solving Dan' Sudoku Puzzles.

Volume 16, Issue 11, November 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle #92 & #93

This “impossible” puzzle was chosen to illustrate the importance of taking your time when you think you have all obvious answers . . .

Volume 16, Issue 10, October 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle #90 & #91

Can the River water level be much lower? This has been a challenging year for St. Lawrence boaters! Let’s switch focus to Sudoku.

Volume 16, Issue 9, September 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle 89, & 88 is a Doozy

The other day I was thinking about this puzzle, trying to find the right word to describe this clue. Somehow the word “doozy” came to mind.

Volume 16, Issue 8, August 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle #86 & #87

The “Impossible” Series continues with Puzzle #87, the feature puzzle for July

Volume 16, Issue 7, July 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #83, #84 & #85

In addition to our “Clueless” puzzle series and the feature puzzle for June, there is a special puzzle I would like to share with you. If you are up for it, you will be sufficiently challenged.

Volume 16, Issue 6, June 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #81 & #82

More Sudoku fun is in store for you this May. Please enjoy two Puzzles #81 & #82.

Volume 16, Issue 5, May 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #70 & #80

Get your Sudoku hat, hot cup of coffee and a sharp pencil ready for the April Sudoku puzzles.

Volume 16, Issue 4, April 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzles #77 & #78

As a bonus, each month this year we will start with a Sudoku puzzle in progress, where it appears there are no more obvious or not-so-obvious clues.

Volume 16, Issue 3, March 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku #75 & #76

A special treat awaits you this month. The “Clueless?” series continues, challenging you to think outside the box!

Volume 16, Issue 2, February 2021
Dan LeKander

Puzzles #73 & #74

Welcome to a new year of Sudoku articles and an opportunity to further hone your Sudoku skills. We have a special treat this year, starting with this issue.

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2021
Dan LeKander

Sudoku Puzzle #72

I realized that over the last five years of monthly Sudoku articles, there has not been an occasion to introduce a puzzle requiring Step 8, which is “An Expansion of Dan’s Close Relationship Challenge”.

Volume 15, Issue 12, December 2020
Dan LeKander