Communities in the Thousand Islands region of Canada and the United States

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Giving Chase: Shipwatching on the St. Lawrence

Ships interest people for various reasons. There are those drawn to their technical features, or their economic role, or in the cargoes they carry . . .

Alexandria Bay New York

For more than a century and a half Alexandria Bay has been a noted summer resort. Grand hotels have come and gone, but the village continues

Cape Vincent, New York

There is a breadth and expansiveness, even sense of a different quality of air, where the St. Lawrence River broadens to the infinite horizo

Brockville, Ontario

Larger than any regional community except Kingston, Brockville anchors the eastern end of the fifty mile stretch of river, just as that othe

Westminster Park, New York

Originally intended to be as large a development as Thousand Island Park, at the other end of Wellesley Island, Westminster Park never becam

Chippewa Bay, New York

Little known to visitors because most boat tours did not pass this way, the group of islands in Chippewa Bay was once more prominent when th

Gananoque, Ontario

Directly across the river from Clayton, Gananoque similarly has long been a year-round village, a trading center for the surrounding country

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is the largest city of the region, and offers the richest range of amenities, from high culture, theatre, to popular entertainment,

Ivy Lea, Ontario

Situated on the scenic Thousand Islands Parkway, the hamlet of Ivy Lea and surrounding north shore are central to the entire Thousand Island

Wolfe Island, Ontario

Twenty miles long and as much as seven miles wide, Wolfe Island's 30,000 acres--about fifty-four square miles--support many farms and a year

Grindstone Island, New York

Disengaged from the larger mainland, life on Grindstone Island has gone on year-round, remote from many changes of the twentieth century. To

Rockport, Ontario

Tourists throng this small hamlet on the north shore, because of the two boat lines based there, but Rockport also is a destination popular

St. Lawrence Park

Although on the mainland, St. Lawrence Park was one of many cottage colonies on the river once linked to the railroad by steamboat service.

Grenadier Island, Ontario

A large island once populated mostly by farmers, Grenadier now has a private golfcourse and four components of the St. Lawrence Islands Nati

Morristown, New York

The small village across the river from Brockville is a companion communitiy, the other gate post at the eastern extermity of the Thousand I

Fishers Landing, New York

Fishers Landing is a popular gathering place. In addition to a waterside restaurant, the hamlet provides a major marina. Fisher's Landing,

Murray Island, New York

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