Alexandria Bay New York

For more than a century and a half Alexandria Bay has been a noted summer resort. Grand hotels have come and gone, but the village continues to be the best known of Thousand Islands tourist destinations, now offering visitor accommodations the year 'round.

Several websites provide information about Boldt Castle. A controversial book by Paul Malo considers its history, long shrouded in mystery. More than two hundred thousand people annually visit Heart Island, across from Alexandria Bay.

Alexandria Bay is the center on the US shore for commercial boat tours, long a major industry of the region.

The village is a popular destination for families and bus tours, as well as an attraction for many military personnel from nearby Fort Drum. Throughout the summer season the Bay features festive theme events such as Pirate's Days. On nearby Heart Island, Boldt Castle lurks as a presence day and night.

As Boldt Castle continues to be renovated, much of its mystery is diminished. Where it still appears as it has for generations, however, historic graffiti adds to the poignant quality of the abandoned castle. The photograph for our photograph on the right, calls this witty photograph, "Which Way Out?"

Among the many icons of the Thousand Islands, one of the most beautifully photographed in varying conditions is Sunken Rock Lighthouse.

In the coming weeks we will add addition information about Alexandria Bay.  However, we hope you will not take our online word for it, but rather visit in person.