TI Life News November 2019

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 14, Issue 11, November 2019

November will be a month long remembered for Islanders who were on the River, on the night of October 31/November 1, 2019! Winds and water played havoc with docks, boathouses and shorelines. The Thousand Islands Association sent a notice to members suggesting that if they were not on their properties that day, they should notify their caretakes or a neighbor to check - for almost everyone was touched in some way.

Short viteo taken by Jeff Staples on Clayton's shore.

Judith Bedford-Jones was on The Punts in the Lake Fleet: "Halloween night we had white caps right off the dock. The River water level rose as high as it was at its peak, in early July this year. The pounding waves poured over the docks, knocking-over big rocks and cinder blocks and blew away three geranium planters (heavy earth-filled logs!!) from the dock.  The water rushed into the normally dry boathouse, relocating many items in its path. The poor boat was vulnerable - getting bashed in the swell and banging against the dock.  I nearly got blown off the dock. I had to sit and hold onto the posts to keep my balance. We were up twice in the middle of the night trying to keep the boat secured. We couldn’t sleep anyway; I was a nervous wreck and quite terrified by the storm!! The wind was so loud it sounded like a freight train roaring through.   Branches were falling (luckily nothing major fell on the cottage) and debris got strewn everywhere. The stern line on the boat snapped but fortunately we had affixed a second stern line as back-up. And then to cap it off, the power went out!   (And it was out more than three days!)"

Some, like us on Sagastaweka Island, only lost trees and branches, but others, especially those with boathouses on the shore of Thousand Island Park lost docks and whole structures. After the high water of the summer, we were now considering Mother Nature's latest visit.

Abby Howard-Smith Rand from Juniper Island shared this devastating photograph on Thousand Islands River Views Facebook. This is just one of several Juniper Island structures showing the extent of the damage. 

This Issue

Eleven articles this month - each one provides a link to life in the Thousand Islands:

Ian Coristine introduces our 8th Annual Photo Contest. Please send up to three of your favorite photographs to me, at susansmith@thousandislandslife.com by December 6, 2019.

History articles:  Everyone loves a dog, so be sure to read, Dog Tales from Days of Yore...  by Lynn McElfresh. Dr. John Carter writes another  Patriot Chronicle : The Sad and Strange Story of John Berry in his series about the Patriot's War, while Linda Twichell tells About Mary Island.

Thanks to Thousand Islands Inn, Clayton, NY for sharing this one - "Not a ship, just a leaf with a view." 

Nature: Gerry Smith provides Northern Harrier, Magician of the Grassland and Marsh while Paul Hetzler give us a lesson in Treeconomics 101, Color Coded Prosperity.

Sports are covered as John Kunz records the Thousand Islands Cup 2019... and Scott Ouderkirk's videos capture his Wooden Boat Experience...  Dan LeKander gives me my favorite sport in Sudoku Puzzle #60 Yes, 60!

Remember your wedding? Cary Brick remembers all those in which he officiated. Here are just some: Where Memories are Made...

While Susan G Mathis gives us a sneak preview of her latest book...Sara's Surprise, which takes place on Pullman Island.

Thanks to Gananoque Boat Line crew member, Ian Arnett, "Another beautiful day to be on the water. An October 15, 2019 cruise heading south between Woronoco and Basswood Islands toward the NY State mainland. See you next year everyone!

Please Don’t Forget

There is a support link on each article...  Our thanks to those who have used it in the past and for notifying me that it was unavailable for the past two months. It is fixed now!  

You will notice the new "TI Look" is easier to view on all devices - but the change-over is not easy.  We have gone back and changed most of 2018 and will continue over the winter months. Until then, the old site is still live. This month the hosting site was "hacked", so we are certainly making plans to preserve all articles from 2006 forward in a PDF format.  Shall keep you posted.

If you are on the shoreline this month, take some photographs for TI Life. Stay safe though. We love to see our River every month of the year! Send them to info@thousandislandslife.com.

By Susan W. Smith, Editor info@thousandislandslife.com

[Special thanks to Bill Stallan who really edits, and Rick Taylor, Dane Zabriskie and Georgia Barker for proofreading. I also thank Mike Cox who is the magician behind the website.]
Village Park in Clayton, NY. 2019 by Janet Smith Staples

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