TI Life News From the Editor, July

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 16, Issue 7, July 2021

July at last! Heat -  Rain - Family - and Friends but still no US neighbours. We are hoping for news from Ottawa by July 21, about the border reopening. It’s especially hard for those who own property and have not been able to check on their homes since the fall of 2019. If nothing else, we are hoping Canada will welcome property owners back before the summer ends.

Glennis Newton Trainor captures summer in all it's glory! 


[How pleased I was this month to receive a short essay by Cape Vincent's Marilyn Neulieb. Enjoy!]

Eight minutes 20 seconds. That’s all, shorter than it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee, longer than it takes to cross the street. No more, no less.

"Sun through the hardwoods". Photo by Marilyn Neulieb
It moves faster than the speed of sound, but in silence. In a single second it covers more distance than seven times around the equator. What is it that goes 186,000 miles/second? It’s not from Earth. It comes to us from outer space, leaving its home 93 million miles away. It’s the energy from our star, the sun, as it illuminates our rotating planet in less than 10 minutes.
Think about it. As our star burns up, our world warms up and greens up. It’s a gift that’s guaranteed, free of charge and free of pollution---benefits from being tethered to the sun.
When you witness a sunrise breaking the horizon, remember the magic created on Earth in only 8 minutes 20 seconds.

Marilyn K. Neulieb is a member of Poets & Writers, INK of Cape Vincent, NY. She was the 2015 runner-up in non-fiction at the Jefferson Community College North Country Writers Contest. Her work has been accepted by Christian Science Monitor, Mother Earth News, Ideals, Alternative Living, Home Power, and many more publications. Living off the grid for close to four decades, brought  her bent to write. See here for her winter poem Tennessee Street

Sunrise, looking downriver and the US span of Thousand Islands Bridge 

WIND WATER WAVES, a collection of short stories by Tom French - a Winner!

We learned this month that the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group has named this book as one of the best indie books of 2021.

Tom French’s book is a finalist in the Short Story Collections category of the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the world’s largest book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors.

The press release announcing the award quoted my review of the book from July 2020, where I described the stories as “poignant” and said that they “. . . touched me as few descriptions of life on the River ever have . . . The feelings expressed in printed form are precisely what many of us have felt about the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River, no matter what time of year we are lucky enough to be here.”

Ranging in time from the early 20th century to the present, the stories chronicle how a varied cast of characters’ lives are tied to “The River.”

Congratulations Tom... well done and well deserved!

Theodore Too Visits the Islands

Watch TV much? Surely you will remember the children's television show, on CBC from 1983-2001, featuring Theodore Too.

The replica tugboat was built in Dayspring, NS, in 2000 and recently sold to a new port of call in Hamilton, ON. From the time she left Nova Scotia, photographers have chronicled "Theodore's" Voyage up the St. Lawrence River. He arrived, to the delight of many, at Gananoque, on Monday, July 12.

Enchanted Edible Forest on Wellesley Island

Back in June 2015, I wrote about visiting Dani Baker and David Belding in "Dani takes a day off..." at Cross Island Farms on Wellesley Island. Their enchanted edible forest was just planted that summer, so this summer I checked and sure enough it is truly enchanted.  Be sure to check them out online and visit if you can.

Vintage Race Boats at Chippewa Bay Maritime Museum.

Another article "The Gift of a Maritime Museum",  from TI Life written in September 2015, introduced the Chippewa Bay Maritime Museum, 4 Church St., in Chippewa Bay, NY. This summer, on July 31, from 10 AM to 4 PM. the Museum will host the first display of Vintage Race Boats on the lawns.

This Art Deco Hydro will be on display July 31,2021 at the Chippewa Bay Maritime Museum

Come and see these incredible boats close up! We thank TI Life author John Kunz for sharing the history of these boats in several articles:   Thousand Islands Cup 2018, Thousand Islands Cup 2019, Thousand Islands Cup 2020 and Oswagatchie Yacht Club's Veiled History.

The Thousand Islands Through the Seasons

Congratulations to Chris Murray for publishing his The Thousand Islands Through the Seasons. This is one you will need to have on your coffee table this summer! See details on our Books page. https://thousandislandslife.com/books/ or see Chris Murray's website.

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Karen Millspaugh captures the fireworks for the French Festival in Cape Vincent, NY. July 7, 2021.

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

Special thanks to the TI Life team, proofreaders, Dane Zabriskie, Georgia Barker, and the real editor, Elspeth Naismith. They all make every issue great! This month the TI Life teams sends best wishes to Bill Stallan who offered to try out some editing this month. We also wish proofreaders, Rick Tailor best wishes as he was unable to assit this month.

Header photograph by Nick Ferrie, Kemptville, ON

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