Thousand Islands Life wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!

By: Susan W. Smith


What a wonderful issue to present!  Each article is a gift from us to you - starting with our 8th Annual Photo Contest judged by TI Life Co-Founder/Photographer Ian Coristine.

Yes, the December issue of is now online.

I hope you will read TI Life News in December as I have lots to tell  - about Santa coming in his boat, two new Wooden Boat Videos, a Special Thank You to our TI Life Team, and more...  

Photo by James R. Miller and shared on his 1000 Islands River Rats Now and Then FB. 

12 Articles in this Issue:

Photography: 8th Annual Photo Contest Winners by Ian Coristine; and those he chose for: Honorable Mentions A-L  and Honorable Mentions M-V.

History: Phat Boy, Thousand Islands Showman by Lynn E. McElfresh and A Day in the Life of Boldt Castle, circa 1934 by Tom King.

Nature: Deer Grandma and Grandpa... by Paul Hetzler

Photographer Lindy Martin won an Honorable Mention with this one last year... it signifies good advice to many of us... Time to fly south

News Item: Halloween Storm of 2019: A Witches Brew First-Hand* by Raymond Pfeiffer.

The Arts: December Poetry by Waltraud Ingeborg Mack and I introduce Heron Hetzler North Country Artist and some new Books For Your Library.

Sports: For your Holiday Season we have Sudoku Puzzle #61 by Dan LeKander. Once again, we thank him for making us think!

January - a time for skating, skiing, ice fishing, dog walking and yes... beaches. Also a time to read TI Life... May you enjoy every outing and every article.

Susan W. Smith, Editor,

John Topping sent his Tree Frog photograph this year and he captured my heart. Not only do I think his cousin was on our island this summer, I think we had several aunts and uncles...very special creatures.

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