Honorable Mentions M-V

By: Ian Coristine

Volume 14, Issue 12, December 2019

What’s more fun than getting a great Christmas present?

Getting THREE of them now. That's what this month’s continuation of our 8th annual Photo Contest is. Plenty more pretty pictures that bring us back to the River. These are all Honorable Mentions, but as I’m sure you’ll agree, many could easily have taken medals. It’s just that the rules of the game required me to pick just three. Enjoy, and make your own conclusions. With thanks to the many River Santas.

Honorable Mention: "Two Islands in a Sparkly River" by Charles T. Low ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Three Islands at Dawn" by Charles T. Low ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Sunrise from Surveyor Island " by Mike May ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Sunrise" by Mike May ©2019
Winky McGowan 101 Honorable Mention: "Island Work Truck" by Winky McGowan ©2019
Honorable Mention "Two Masts and Two Booms" by Meg Meakin ©2019
Honorable Mention "Seth Green Sunset" by Karen Millspaugh: ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Chaumont Snowy" by Karen Millspaugh ©2019
Honorable Mention: "First Snow Fall" by Robin Garlock Moran ©2019 
Honorable Mention: ©2019 "Snowy Owl" by Glennis Newton ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Astrophotography Meeting" by Richard Noonan ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Densmore " by Don Sbarra ©2019
Honorable Mention: "Need My Boots, Again" by Jules Vallay ©2019

Photograph chosen by Ian Coristine.

[Editor's Note:  Thank you for participating; we look forward to 2020 and our 9th Photo contest!]

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