From the Editor, December 2023

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 18, Issue 12, December 2023

Happy Holidays to one and all! Of course, December is my favourite issue, not only because Chris Murray and Lyne Roberge present the winners of the Photo Contest, but also because there is an opportunity to give our readers some other gifts.

Is this your dining room? No, then see where it is – by reading Rick Casali's article.

More Gifts for 2023!

We start with the contest! WOW, it never ceases to amaze me that the same photographer can win more than one award! Bravo. Also the variety of photographs is simply splendid. I am going to be bold and share others that are not winners with you over the next couple of months. So enjoy.

Rick Casali provides us with one of his antique boat descriptions, filled with luxury and beauty. Chris Brock once again gives us a thought-provoking short story. Dan LeKander provides four Sudoku puzzles for the holidays.

We all have memories, but Manley Rusho has charmed us all year with his growing up on Grindstone Island stories. This month, he is joined by Darryl Jeanne Lindsay King, who grew up on Island Nine near Alexandria Bay, NY, and she, too, has lovely memories to share.

Marie-Anne Erki, our illustrator made this illustration for an amazing recipe Elspeth Naismith shared. Be sure to check out that story too.

Luckily for us, Elspeth Naismith has a unique tea towel hanging in her island kitchen with “The Shore Dinner” recipe, which was published years ago by Les Cook, a renowned Riverman, guide, and caretaker. This tea towel launches a new TI Life feature - sharing River Recipes. Hopefully, you will share some unique new recipes to enjoy in summer 2024.

This editor is fascinated by island history, so we appreciate the tremendous work Paul Cote is doing on the history of Gananoque. We present Part I this month and Part II in January 2024.

Like history? This is Mrs. Simcoe's sketch she made after she visited Gananoque. Paul Cote tells you all about it. [Source: Archives of Ontario, Mill on the Gananocoui, Ref F 47-11-1-0-63.]

Jen Caddick and Janet Staples both provide an environmental thrust. Janet warns us that those beautiful swans can be dangerous, and Jennifer provides an update on where that US Border Agency may finally settle . . . the news is not good – so both are must-reads.

We are often asked how to look up past articles or particular authors. So  this month, I have squeezed in a repeat of how to do that. Periodically, we will give you a tutorial, and if all else fails, you can write to me at!

Appreciation to the TI Life Team

At this time, I want to thank those members of the team who help so much every month:

Elspeth Naismith has a proper title, Copy Editor. Elspeth is pestered throughout the month and never complains. [Copy Editor’s Note: She has a fairly big sense of humour! And she thanks Susie for keeping this circus running every month!]

Georgia Barker, Dane Zabriskie, and Rick Taylor – are final copy and proofreaders, and they catch tiny things I never see.

Just one of Jennifer Caddick's many postings for TI Life!

Jennifer Caddick handles Social Media – these popular posts often lead to new submissions.

Beth Lavos is posting Books; be sure to check these out – and be sure to put some on your Christmas list.

Do reveiw our Books page - lots of suggestions for Santa to find. 

Dan Mathias looks after Events and great things are happening on both sides of the border.  Be sure to check out the list often - and readers if your favorite organization has a future event, let Dan know.

Marie-Anne Erki is our illustrator; Marie-Anne is not only talented, but she is fast! I send her a request, and she responds!

Mike Cox, our very real IT Magician, manages the Wawautosa Marina in Ontario's Six Mile Lakes region – but he still makes time to fix the site and answer Susie’s questions and/or get her out of trouble!

Take care everyone and Happy New Year!


By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

The December 2023 header photograph for this article is by Meg Meakin, ©2023.

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