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It is true we own the River in October and this year the weather has been perfect! October 8-11 Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving and Americans had Columbus Day weekend to close up the cottage and take out the boats. For those remaining on the River, stay safe and enjoy!  And for those of us returning to our winter habitat - here are 14 TI Life articles for you to enjoy.  It is true that in October, we own the River, and this year the weather has been perfect! October 8 – 11 Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, and Americans had Columbus Day weekend to close up the cottage and haul out the boats. For those of us remaining on the River, stay safe and enjoy! And for those of us returning to our winter habitat – here are 15 TI Life articles to enjoy and to remind us of our River.

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Cathrine Maskell shares our beautiful calm River

From the Editor - Bad News and Good News, by Susan W. Smith
We say a sad goodbye to Bill Stallan, our "TI Life Comma Guy". We celebrate Covid Vaccination statistics and the US Border opening, plus meet the TI Life Team!

Doing Something Small for Others, by Doug Tulloch
This summer I wrote a post thinking it would be nice not to go out in the early morning alone and it would be nice to share with people who may not have had this opportunity before.

Reflections, by Doug McKenzie
Doug McKenzie pays tribute to Ian Coristine's photograph as our way of saying thanks to Ian and his love of the Thousand Islands . . .

Not exactly your grandfather’s Peregrine, by Gerry Smith
The Peregrine Falcon has benefited the most, in certain regions, from the efforts of human hands . . .

Giving Chase, Shipwatching on the St. Lawrence, by Craig I. Stevenson
Ships interest people for various reasons. There are those drawn to their technical features, or their economic role, or in the cargoes they carry . . .

Rosborough River Rendezvous, by Robert Russell
The 2021 Rosborough Rendezvous was held in Clayton, NY, and the Thousand Islands. Boats in the armada came from Florida, Maine, and Michigan . . .

Book Review: From "Bad to Verse plus . . .  Something in the Air", by John Scott Cowan, by Susan W. Smith
"It's just not possible to write serious stuff all the time. . . defense policy in 1963, physiological research until 1986, and dozens of articles and chapters on many topics - plenty of opportunities for me to be serious in my writing. . . But, "

Book Review: Helen Cardamone’s A St. Lawrence Summer, by Susan Smith
As you approach the Thousand Island Bridge, you hear, "Who can see the water first? There is a secret crevice between trees that offers a first glance that you always struggle to find.

"Romeo & Annette": The life, times, and sad fate of the Ferry "Upper Canada", by Brian Johnson
So today she sits, waits, and rusts away in the mud, forgotten like a broken, abandoned old vehicle in some equally forgotten, overgrown back field . . .

Jeff Staples's drone photo of Wanderers Channel in the Admiralty Islands

Tributes by Gananoque's Poet Laureate, by Gretchen Huntley
We see smoke and we panic - Fire makes us freeze with fear - We dial 911 and in minutes - These people readily appear . . .

What’s in a Name? Trails, Channels and Golf, by Stewart Dutfield
Those of you who know me, know I like to explore! And this summer my explorations gave me time to reflect on "What's in a Name."

A Farewell, by Alaina Young
Winding through the woods, I looked for a rock marker to let me know where to turn and find my cottage . . .

A REAL River Ghost Story, by Anonymous
What follows is a true story. You are free to believe it or not, but it did actually happen.

Cathrine Maskell is in the right place at the right time to capture Brockville's waterfront.

The Witch of Wellesley Island, Chapter 7 What Lies Within, by Patrick Metcalf
Sarah was irritated. She wasn't thrilled to be standing before a gigantic castle door on a dreary November afternoon, and she was beginning to worry about the long trip home . . .

Sudoku Puzzle #92 & #93, by Dan LeKander
This “impossible” puzzle was chosen to illustrate the importance of taking your time when you think you have all obvious answers . . .

Stay safe and enjoy our TI Life this month!

Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

Photo by Anne Phillips