Looking Up Back Issues!

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 18, Issue 12, December 2023

This article was first printed in February 2020. Now at the end of 2023, TI Life readers often ask  how to find a particular subject of interest.

  1. Can I look up an article written by a particular author? (there are almost 400 of them)?
  2. What about looking up an article by topic?
  3. Will Google find an article for me?

The answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes… but there are some “tricks" involved.

Looking up back issues

Go to the main page and look for the BACK ISSUE tab.  If you are on an iPhone or similar device, you need to hit the three tiny bars at the top of the page. (see second image below)

The Back Issue tab will take you to a long list (over 18 years with about a dozen issues per year). If you’re looking for an issue that was published from June 2018 up until this issue (Volume 18, Issue 12, December 2023), you will see them by hitting the desired year now.

However, if you want to see an issue from prior to June 2018, please do the following:

On the Back Issue page, scroll down to any issue prior to 2017. Hit that and you will go to the old site. Hit the tab Back Issue on the tab line once again. That Back Issue tab will take you to all the issues published prior to 2018. Find the date you are interested in and click on that date. Your article will appear on the main page.

[Disclaimer… as always, Susie makes mistakes and I am afraid when we transferred to the new system, our IT Magician, Mike Cox, took the time and transferred all old articles onto PDF format, and that is what you can view anytime you wish… but Susie has lost a couple. So, if you find an article missing – then contact us and we will try to republish it pronto!]
An example of what you will see when you hit Back Issue

You might want to look for an article written by a particular author?  Take Lynn McElfresh for example; there are two places to look for each author. The Old site (up to 2018) and the New site (2018-present)

Here you can look up a particular author by name

Once you have the long list of TI Life issues on the left side, look on the right side and you will see an even longer list of authors. Still using Lynn as an example, you’ll see the listing for Lynn E. McElfresh (119) articles on the old site. Yes, she’s actually written more than that . . . and we’re still thanking her for her talent and all the marvelous articles that she’s given us.

Alphabetical by first name!

NOW, before you start to shout about the list not being in alphabetical order . . . I have to say that all the shouting in the world will not help! We started off in 2008 thinking that we might last a couple of years, and there would not be so very many authors – certainly we never imagined 350+! So, I'm afraid you have to look for a first name. However, if you do a "search and find" on the page for the name you know, you should find the right author easily. (e.g. McElfresh)

Hit the name and there you have it, the links to all of that author’s work for TI Life.

Categories from June 2019 to today

Want to find Poets, Photographers, History? The list is long; just go on that “Back Issue Page,” scroll down to the bottom on the list of issues (year and date).  There you will see a list of categories  from June 2019 to today.

Places (273)
People (255)
History (213)
Sports (169)
Nature (166)
News article (116)
Books (86)
Book review (64)
From the editor (63)
Essay (59)
Notifications (57)
Artists (54)
Photography (53)
Photos (46)
Events (39)
event (38)
Communities (24)
Architecture (23)
Poetry (23)
Videos (20)
Excursions (17)

They are all linked to those articles that we placed in that category.  Of course, there are some exceptions, but I think you will find most of them . . .  and at least enough to keep you reading about our River and out of trouble for several weeks!

Unfortunately, the early articles prior to June 2019 were not able to be listed in categories. However, if you have Covid (again) or just want to get away from the children or grandchildren… go to any of the dates and start to explore. You will find dozens of articles that you need to read. I promise.

Can you look up an article on Google?

Yes, but the search engine and meta data is not as good as I would like - all my fault as I never put in as many key words as necessary. The new issues (2018-2023) are coded more thoroughly.

Here is an example: Google:  Thousand Islands Life Lynn McElfresh – It will produce the following links.

Example after Googling Lynn McElfresh, Thousand Islands Life 


And yes our Sudoku puzzles are in every issue. Some are rather easy to solve, while others are not – plain and simple! But all are a challenge and a perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Take advantage and learn more about solving puzzles as the author Dan LeKander provides links to articles that have hints and solutions. Enjoy.

Please let us know what you like best about Thousandisandslife.com!

Happy Holidays and stay safe.

By Susan W. Smith, Editor. info@thousandislandslife.com

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