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Will Salisbury’s Gift to the River

Will Salisbury’s Gift to the River

Ok, so it is  cold outside, and/or it is “another sunny day” in Florida… What to do?  You should be concentrating on work, or out holiday shopping, but the  stores are too crowded, and besides, you need inspiration…

I have  the best suggestion ever. Visit an art gallery right in front of your  screen! Even see the artists other works… Yes, you don’t have to go out  on a day like this. You can hit, and sculptor, and artist Will Salisbury will take you on a private tour of his favorite studios.

It  is a brand-new site created by Will Salisbury, to pay tribute to other  River artists.  (And this Editor sends a very big THANKS.)

Artists of our North Country’s Past  and the 1000 Islands region. Their influence was a gift to us all. This list dates back 223 + years.

Salisbury web site

Editor:  Why did you undertake this tremendous task?

Salisbury: I don’t remember exactly when or why I came to think that building this  Site was a necessary and important thing to do. I was researching for  general info, on galleries and a particular artist who had influenced me  and wasn’t getting what I wanted. So, there it is, I built a web site  about deceased artists, living artists, and galleries, to fill the void  with a resource about the Tri-County area and including our neighbors to  the real North Country. We as artists have been influenced by many  long- passed artists that we knew and that affected our artistic  direction and momentum.

Editor: Do you want others to give you more artists?  (Our readers may have some favorites)

Salisbury: YES. So far, it is a non-denominational, arbitrary in nature – a  selection of people and places in our north country. I hope that  everyone will help me out by finding names of those who wish to be  represented and supply me with Bio’s, Photos and Web links.

Also, to get the site out there I will need my link to to be shared and included on artists and gallery websites. The list is  incomplete and growing every day and may take a year to complete. There  are no fees for these listings!

When the information seems to be  complete, I wish to produce a coffee table book (with the help of  friends) about past artists who have been the foundation of our artistic  community for the last 150 years. The book would list those artists; it  would have quality photos, stories and a list of current living  artists, galleries and contact information on the last pages.

(Note:  these lists change weekly as Will Salisbury is given, or finds new  sources. Just like going shopping… come back to see new listings!)

galleries & schools
American and Canadian Galleries and Schools. The lists grow every week thanks to readers. 
Canadian Studios
g-m 2
Sallisbury web site
Page 3

Can you help?  Contact information:

Susan W. Smith, Editor,

Editor’s Note:

Will Salisbury

TI Life profiled him in January 2014: Will Salisbury Making Waves

See Will Salisbury’s studio web page too, for a wealth of artistic information.


Comment by: Al Hewitt
Left at: 8:11 AM Saturday, January 12, 2019
Will is truly a treasure of the 1000 Islands. He is an integral part of  the magic of the St. Lawrence Lawrence River. There is no one that I  know that has not been moved by his artistry.    

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