Who Killed Walter Higgins?

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 14, Issue 7, July 2019

In March, 2018 we thanked John Lefevere for sharing the first chapter of River Rogues, his just published third novel as part of a trilogy of Thousand Islands Novels.  I am not sure if you read the whole chapter… but if you did, I am sure you were like me and all the other citizens of Clearview… who could not believe there was a real honest to goodness murder in that small town.

Then almost immediately you meet the investigating officer as well as the police chief of Clearview.  Any Islander will quickly realize that Clearview and Clayton, NY are extremely similar…  and I am not sure if there was ever a real Clayton murder… but when you read Chapter 1 you will, like me, not want to stop.

Three 1000 Islands Novels

In fact, once I told John Lefevere that I was reading his novel, he wrote back… "Have you figured out who murdered Walter Higgins?"  I was pleased to report that I not only knew who... but why and when.  Of course, I was helped immensely by an 18-year old high school student… but wait, I can’t tell you the whole story.

But solving the murder of Walter Higgins is not the only mystery in River Rogues… in fact, there are several more mysterious themes that take you down River to Chippewa Bay and also out to Grindstone Island – even into a bay that certainly sounds like Delaney Bay to me…

Suffice to say, over the summer, I hope you will read all three books in John’s series.  They are perfect reading for the boat, the dock or the verandah…  They are available on your Kindle or your iPad as they are only published electronically.

And, if you like his style you will also like his sense of humor.  His first book.  “Better With Age, A Boomers Tale,” is perfect for those of us born after the computer age took over.  If you or someone you know was passed over in their career for a younger person…  get this one.  You will smile and laugh out loud often, I promise.

River Rogues


“A 1000 Islands Novel” Series link to all three books:


Note:  The entire series will be on Kindle Unlimited at the end of the July, but still available for purchase at these link locations above.

Better With Age: A Boomer’s Tale


This book is also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and other retailers.

By Susan W. Smith

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