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By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 16, Issue 6, June 2021

Yes, the water is low. It’s probably as low as we usually have in the fall, but it isn’t September; it's June!  Mother Nature may be playing tricks on us, but a mild winter and extremely nice spring weather without rain equals low water.  Be sure to check the International Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board updates.  If there was ever a time to join the Thousand Islands Association (TIA) to ensure those Shoal Markers are there to help keep us off the rocks  - the time is now! Membership is from $50-$100 Canadian!  TIA installs 200 shoal markers between Howe Island and Brockville, and provides funding to Save the River to place 100 US shoal markers between Cape Vincent and Morristown, NY!

Those familiar Shoal Markers are not placed by there by Parks Canada or the Canadian Coast Guard - they are bought for and placed by the Thousand Islands Association, Have a safe summer - stay off the rocks! [Photo courtesy TIA]

Border Opening?

Spring 2021 also sees many of us waiting patiently (or not so patiently)  for the US/Canadian border to open. The work to inoculate as many citizens as possible in both countries means will be back together soon. I did a count, and we have over 25 near neighbours who are American and haven't seen their properties since the fall of 2019. A long time to leave a cottage uninhabited. At the same time, merchants on both sides of the River need the business that "Summer People" bring to the region.

I reported last month that my automatic signature on my iPad says: Please Think: Open US/Canadian Border.  This past week, (June 11th) our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced that some Covid restrictions are being lifted. Let's hope for more. And if all works out, neighbours, we look forward to seeing the lights on, hearing your boats go by, and most of all seeing those familiar waves (both on the water and with the arms)  Hurry back!

Calumet Island Boat House [Photo by Janet Smith Staples ©2021]

What a sight!

One of delights of living on the St. Lawrence Seaway are the ships that pass through and the cargo that they carry. This one went through at the end of May, 2021. Everyone wanted a photograph and everyone that did, had a comment.  (My next boat . . .  I ordered two . . . Hurry so I can go down the seaway on my new boat.)

Which one is yours? Three on the starboard side, and more on the port! [Photo by Melissa Hartwell ©2021]

Thousand Islands Artist, Heather Haynes, celebrated on NPR


Seeing a byline by NPR's Adirondack Reporter, Emily Russell, who summers on Hay Island, Gananoque, ON, always means there will be an interesting story. Therefore, the headlines "Thousand Islands artist featured in racial justice exhibit at major U.S. cities | NCPR News" was no exception. We congratulate Heather Haynes for her outstanding work as it is displayed as part of Pitroda Art's 'Movement: Art for Social Change' featuring work by 15 artists from around the world. The art has been displayed on buildings in Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles and is to be displayed in New York City on Monday, June 14.

Perfect day for the gardens and swans... Rain and mist [Photo by Glennis Newton ©2021]

Congratulations to Don and Marnie Ross

Ontario Nature is a conservation organization that protects wild species and spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. They represent more than 30,000 members and supporters, and more than 150 member groups from across Ontario.

Don and Marnie were one of 11 winners in 2020/21 singled out for their work receiving the: Ian Shenstone Fraser Memorial Award for making a significant contribution toward a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Ontario to Don and Marnie Ross for helping establish the UNESCO Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve and working with land trusts to expand natural protected areas within the Frontenac Arch.

I want to join their many friends who will agree this is a most appropriate recognition. We are proud and grateful to you both for your never-ending work on our behalf. Bravo!

From Smith Island, Brockville, June 13, 2021 — in Thousand Islands Region, Brockville, Ontario. [Photo by David Imbleau ©2021]

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

Special thanks to the TI Life team, proofreaders, Dane Zabriskie, Georgia Barker, and the real editor, Elspeth Naismith. They all make every issue great! This month the TI Life teams sends best wishes to Rick Taylor, proofreader par excellence, and Bill Stallan, comma policeman, both could not be their desks this month but we look forward to their coming back soon!

Header photograph by Peter Johnson ©2020,  "Sky" which was a 2020 Honorable Mention Photograph in the TI Life 2020 Photo Contest.

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