TI Life Happenings in Feb '21

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 16, Issue 2, February 2021

Mid-February and only six weeks until April when we can return to the River. We left the River in October 2020, and the mere thought of having to write "five months before we return" put this editor in a foul mood. However, "six weeks" sounds just perfect. We will certainly have a number of snow-storms, sleet, very cold temperatures. and shots in the arm before that, but hope is on the horizon. We thank Andrew Kane for sharing his photograph for our Header. It shows Boldt Castle with open water on the River; a hopeful sign that it may be an early spring.

Photo by Brian Johnson who says, "'The Hibernators': Canadian Empress, Island Star, Island Belle and Island Queen, all waiting for spring thaw." Kingston's inner harbour. February 2021.

Inside This Issue

Paddling in the Thousand Islands - by Lynn McElfresh. Sketches of early canoes don't look like canoes at all. To me, the vessels they were using looked like kayaks and very skinny sailboats . . .

Emily Holt Remembers - by Emily Holt, Grindstone Island. This winter, Emily Wright Holt, who celebrates her  95th birthday this year, started to record some of the stories from her past, and we, the readers of TI Life, get to listen in!

The Little Red Punt - by Tom Robbins & Illustrated by Sarah Coate. They are the old-fashioned, small, now often overlooked, boats that generations of River people have relied on for transportation—or just for fun.

My First Boat Sank - by Robert Charron. Yes, I found the perfect boat for sailing among the Thousand Islands.  As an old mariner once said, “Sailing these boats is better than dreaming.”

Shawn McDonald Blance, Photographer - by Susan W. Smith. You've probably heard the one, “ A guy walks into a bar and . . .  " Well, Shawn McDonald Blance has heard them all – why? He's been a North Country bartender . . .

Frank H. Taylor's Winter Excursion - by Nancy Gustky. Frank H. Taylor, a one-time TI summer resident and a Harper’s Weekly "special artist" accompanied former president Ulysses S. Grant, General Philip H. Sheridan and their wives to Florida, Cuba, and Mexico  in 1880.

Short-eared Owl invasion Winter 20-21 - by Gerry Smith. This winter a significant number of this nomadic owl species have found a winter residence in our region.

An Occasional Nip Does Some Good - by Paul Hetzler. A friend who once worked nights in a resort bar was asked by a patron where to find “weed.”

"Bigger is Better" - by Alaina Young. TILT's Founder, Ken Deedy, once said that “when it comes to preserving habitat, the rule of thumb is ‘bigger is better.'

Save The River's 2021 Friends of the River Award - by John Peach. Every winter Save The River awards its Friends of the River Award to people who have made significant contributions. This year's recipients were Susie Smith and the educators of the North Country.

Sudoku Puzzles #75 & #76 - by Dan LeKander. A special treat awaits you this month.   The “Clueless?” series continues, challenging you to think outside the box!

Visit "To Do Canada" for interesting things to do in the Brockville region!: https://www.todocanada.ca/16-things-to-do-in-brockville-and-leeds-grenville-county-in-the-winter/#comment-263332 

The 2021 River Hospital Polar Bear Dip is going VIRTUAL!

Have you seen this message from Alexandria Bay's River Hospital? "

Did 2020 leave you feeling ICE-olated? Come join our Brrr-tual Polar Bear Dip! We are keeping the River Hospital Dip tradition alive with a twist and we can BEARly contain the excitement we have to see our community come together virtually to support River Hospital! You may register to Virtually Dip anytime before February 27, 2021 BUT if you want your Dip to be included in the Judging and Final Virtual Video you must submit your Dip video or photos by February 21, 2021. Register now!
Click here for information about the Virtual Polar Bear Dip 2021 and to donate. 
Funds raised from this year's Virtual Dip will be used to purchase an Echocardiogram for River Hospital, bringing state of the art imaging equipment for cardiac care onsite for the first time.
Join the fun and register for the Virtual Polar Bear Dip today!!

P.S. River Hospital says, "Your video can be a quick dump of water on your head, a picture of you sitting on the beach in Florida, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!"

The Legacy of Ian Coristine  

It was one year ago, on February 15, that Ian Coristine left the River after a valiant battle with cancer.  Every month I have the opportunity to remember my friend when I request a Coristine header photograph for the month's tag post. On February 8, 2021, the Your TV Brockville-Smiths Falls episode of #FYI featured Lyne Roberge, Ian’s wife, who spoke with host Doreen Barnes about Ian Coristine, his work, and his legacy.

No Ships to Watch!

Catherine Maskell shares a link - not River related but "terrific" nonetheless!

Catherine shared the webcam at the bird feeder at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. on 1000 Islands River Rats Now and Then Facebook page. "Not really River Rat related, but this is my new obsession with no ships to watch."  This editor agreed and notes that there is also a related link to a similar Ontario webcam.

Question: Where is Chapter 4?

Where is "The Witch of Wellesley Island?" I know you must have that question, since our proofreaders have been asking for Chapter 4 - but we gave the author, Patrick Metcalf, a little holiday and look forward to the next chapter very soon.

Please Do Not Forget

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

Special thanks to the TI Life team, proofreaders, Rick Taylor, Dane Zabriskie, Georgia Barker, and the real editor, Elspeth Naismith. They all make every issue great! Thanks gang. And once again we send our best wishes to Bill Stallan, our "comma policeman", who we very much miss!

Header photograph by Andrew Kane, Feather in Flight Productions.

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