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The Thousand Islands Cup

The Thousand Islands Cup
Classic racers

Chippewa Bay has a reputation in the Thousand Islands. It is one of  those shoal infested spots that only the most knowledgeable pilots  venture without a chart.

The CYC’s Gold Cup course passes by quite a number of areas that are  capable of removing the bottom of one’s boat. The up-river competitors  all elected to have a “rock guy” from the CYC race with them.

As the racers made their way to their boats, a flotilla of spectator  boats had collected off the down-river end of Oak Island. One of the  organizers had to take to a boat and request the spectators move farther  into the River, to open the starting line. The racers rumbled to the  starting line and were sent off with a cannon blast.

TI Cup est 2018

After the race, several of the speedsters delighted the spectators  with bat turns and high-speed passes. Eventually, they made their way  back to the Oak Island docks for refreshments and the delivery of the  Thousand Islands Cup to Jim Hendler. His Baby Gar “La Te Da” proved to be the fastest boat on the course.

By John Kunz

John Kunz and his wife Kelly are summer residents of Chippewa Bay.  They winter in Watertown, NY. Along with their three sons, they enjoy  the River on a four-season basis - Sailing, Rock Climbing and  Skijoring.  In February 2016, John took us Skijoring in the Thousand Islands.  Read that article again, so you are ready for Winter 2018!  


Comment by: Cliff Yates
Left at: 7:28 PM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
This was such a great event. John and Kelly Kuntz, and their whole  family are boat lovers. John's son Dave has a fantastic book available  on Amazon detailing the history of Wooden Boats of the area. Just a  perfect day for this event and a great crowd gathered on the island, and  in boats along the course. I'm looking forward to next years race. John  and Kelly Kuntz worked tirelessly for months on this event. I was happy  to see it such a success.

Comment by: sidney manes
Left at: 12:39 PM Thursday, October 18, 2018
What a day. My gusts from Syracuse, boating enthusiasts, Art and his  wife Nancy, my Daughter Katey and her husband Andy and Amy and I stood  on the veranda at Ojibway Island with binoculars and watched every inch  of the race. Louis Benton one of my neighbors on Shambo Island was in  the race and did himself proud. I commend  John and Kelly Kunz for a  wonderful afternoon turning back the clock. Lets do it every year as a  remembrance of times past.        

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