The Elk Whistle Warrior Society Coming This year

By: Rick Revelle

Volume 17, Issue 3, March 2022

Editor’s Note: Author Rick Revelle sent me notification that his 5th novel will be released in September 2022. He also reminded me that a sneak preview of the first chapter of “The Elk Whistle Warrior Society” was printed in his last novel, “Algonquin Legacy”, which was published in August 2021 and is listed on our Books page. He sent the chapter again and suggested our readers may like to pre-order this new book from the publisher, Crossfield Publishing. I read it and thought that it’s a splendid idea!

The Elk Whistle Warrior Society is a novel that sheds light on what is happening to the Indigenous women of Turtle Island. These highly trained professionals are out to protect their grandmothers, aunties, sisters, nieces, daughters, and children from the people who try to human traffic them, murder them, and abuse them. The Society, which has been around for 650 years, has their own justice and they mete it out efficiently and brutally.

You may preorder Elk Whistle Warrior Society at Crossfield Publishing

Revengeful, thorough, and without remorse towards the abusers of their people, The Elk Whistle Warrior Society sets out to do what the police and government cannot and will not do. Hunt down people who prey on them and their families. This book is about how Indigenous women have returned to the way of their female ancestors; strong in mind, body, and spirit. Dedicated to their family, above all else.

Too many of Turtle Island’s women and children are buried in unmarked graves, lost to the mists of times. The Elk Whistle Warrior Society is out to right those wrongs, defending the weak, rescuing the abused. They are a secret society run by women who are identified by two blue feathers tattooed on their right shoulders. They hand pick the men who travel with them, who earn their tattoos on their left calves.

Each and every warrior, woman and man, has either a PhD or a masters degree from a North American university. They all have a black belt in a Martial Art. They do not use guns, only the weapons of their ancestors; spears, bow and arrows, tomahawks, and knives. Everyone wears an elk whistle around their neck. When they have completed a mission, a cleanup crew arrives. Each member of this cleanup crew have PhDs in either chemistry or biology and forensic science. Plus, they also have the weapons and Martial Arts skills of the other warriors of the Society. If you like reading about tough, smart, and goal-oriented Indigenous women characters, who can be looked up to by their readers because they are educated, strong, and passionate about their people, then this is the book for you. Super heroes of the Indigenous population on Turtle Island. Just look for the blue tattoos and stay out of their way if they’re after you. The last people who you want knocking on your door are The Elk Whistle Warrior Society women. They aren't here to sell you Girl Guide cookies.

Excerpt by Rick Revelle

Rick Revelle is an Algonquin living north of Kingston, ON. He has written four books in a series called "The Algonquin Quest Series". The Algonquin Legacy will be his fourth. The books take place during the 1300’s pre-contact era. I use the Native languages in the vernacular. The books are I Am Algonquin (2013), Algonquin Spring (2015), and Algonquin Sunset (2017) and Algonquin Legacy (2021). They can be purchased at any book store or online though Amazon. The languages used in the books are as follows: I Am Algonquin – Algonquin; Algonquin Spring – Algonquin, Mi´kmaq, and Mohawk; Algonquin Sunset – Algonquin, Anishinaabe, Huron, Lakota, Mi´kmaq, and Mohawk, and Algonquin Legacy – Blackfoot and Cree. Each novel contains a glossary. The stories are about how an Algonquin family unit survives through the course of 18 years, trying to live in the harsh climate of seeking food and battling their enemies. The Elk Whistle Warrior Society is the start of a new series of novels.
Books by Rick Revelle. See TI Life Books for details 

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