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By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 15, Issue 9, September 2020

The jury is still out as to the number of COVID-19 cases that will occur because of Labour Day Weekend - but we are all hoping there is no spike. The weather was beautiful, and the number of boats out on the River attest to families taking advantage of the end of Summer 2020.  I wish I could say that it was a summer to remember, but I think most readers will agree that we do not want a repeat. Suffice it to say, we hope you are all well and remain so for the rest of the year.

Glennis Newtown show us what is hanging from her sailboat these days! 

Thanks to Capt. Bill (Hale)

We lost a special River Rat in August. William Hale (Bill or Capt' Bill) died at his daughter's home in Fair Haven, Michigan, at the age of 96+. Up until this year, we saw Bill zoom through our island channel on his way to his Admiralty Island's home. He and his late wife,Irene, came from Michigan each summer with their four daughters, then grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. After retiring, he took up a new career, getting his captain's license and taking the helm for the Gananoque Boat Line. Some of us would like a $ for every time he gave sound safety advice to our children and to all those mariners who spent the summer at the Gananoque Marina.  It was the marina staff who were his best friends in these later years. And for those who are not aware, it was Bill Hale who championed, applied for permits, and managed the Thousand Islands Association's Shoal Marker Program for many years. I thank TIA for paying special tribute to this great gentleman.

There are two names, Bill Hale and Skip Armstrong, which are synonymous with TIA as both worked for decades to carry on the Associations' work.  Skip writes, "Bill has been a close neighbour for the past 60 years. He has been a great friend during this time. When I took over the management of our Admiralty Group island, Bill was invaluable in assisting me with the  projects required after the cottage had been closed for six years. Bill was a Director of  TIA and over the years he built the shoal marker program to be the Association's signature  program."  

This issue

Lots of Nature, All about People, an Essay, a Boat, and yes, Sudoku #69!


From Out of the Twilight - a Ray of Hope
In mid-July, Clayton P. O. mailboat driver, Brian Parker, delivered exciting new...
by Lynn E. McElfresh

Good Times:
Ospreys in the St. Lawrence Region are doing fabulously well... seems appropriate...  
by Gerry Smith

Kill the Bug Zappers Not the Birds
Bug zappers are consummately worthless for mosquito control...  
by Paul Hetzler

The Beaver That Ate The Boathouse
All other creatures, however, take second place to The Beaver. The one that has...
by Sarah Telfer

How Does Your Garden Grow … in a Pandemic
What to do with your Pandemic garden produce... Yes, lots of ideas and lots of...
by Elspeth Naismith

2020: A Successful Year for the Save The River’s Common Tern Project
Save the River monitors 6 common tern nesting sites (2 natural shoals and 6 Navi.gation...
by John Peach, Patricia Shulenburg, and Rosie Rockell


All About Lynn McElfresh & Her Books
We want to know just who you are and why are you writing nine novels about the...
by Susan W. Smith

Dean White Pottery
Dean White has been in business as a potter for 46 years, now living in Cape Vincent...
by Sarah Ellen Smith

Gato Diablo
Did you know Gato Diablo specialty Coffee Roasters is right here in Cape Vincent...
by Kristie Stumpf Rork

Jeff Staples captures the channel between Grindstone and Picton...

An Essay

Many Journeys - One connection - The River
I’m a firm believer that you can live anywhere as long as you have happiness...
by Janet Guerrero D’Alessandro

A Boat

“Rumba” a “New” 14-foot Runabout
After sitting unfinished for 60 years in a barn near Erie, Pennsylvania, a 14 1/2... by Rick Casali

And A Puzzle!

Sudoku Puzzle #69
This month’s “impossible” puzzle features a fresh look at uncovering a not-so-ob...
by Dan LeKander

Get Well Bill Stallan!

This issue is dedicated to Bill Stallan, in the hopes that lots of good wishes will help him get better and come back to work at TI Life.  Bill has been our "comma policeman" for almost as many years as I have been editor.  He found a few mistakes many years ago and before he knew it, he was repairing them! Today he is joined by several others, but Bill has been there through thick and thin.  He is not well, and has some battles to fight, but if his personality and ability to make us laugh counts, he will be better and back in no time.

We found a Facebook link to "Gold" for researchers from the Jefferson County NY Genealogical Society... Look for the clipping that reports finding the Sir Robert Peel sunk by Pirate Bill Johnston in the Patriot's War.

Please Don't Forget

If you are on the River or the shoreline in October, please take photographs for TI Life. By now, your fish stories are well-rehearsed, and what about Social Distancing ideas to meet with family and friends?


Last month, I wrote: "There are 22 Communities that make up the Thousand Islands! Each community has its history and personality."  A reader wrote saying we missed Oak Point in Hammond, so we asked him to add Oak Point to our list - and he will.

Remember when we created TI Life we made a section: THE PLACE, and under this heading, you will find descriptions for each community. These were written a decade ago, and this year we want to update them.  So, please review the list, and if you can help, please contact

Say Hello to Mr. Frog... He hopped on board Emily McMichael's paddle for a free ride! 

Supporting TI Life

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Another great YouTube by Scott Ouderkirk... Enjoy!

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

[Special thanks to the TI Life team, proofreaders, Rick Taylor, Dane Zabriskie,  Georgia Barker, and new member editor, Elspeth Naismith. They all make every issue great! Thanks gang.]

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