Save The River’s 2021 Friends of the River Award

By: John Peach

Volume 16, Issue 2, February 2021

Every winter Save The River Upper St. Lawrence RiverkeeperⓇ awards its Friends of the River Award to people who have made significant contributions to Save The River’s (STR) mission to restore, preserve, and protect the Upper St. Lawrence River now and for generations to come through advocacy, education, and research.

This year’s recipients were Susie Smith, editor of Thousand Islands Life magazine, and the outstanding educators of the North Country. The awards were made during STR’s 32nd annual winter environmental conference. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the conference was held on Zoom over three separate days. STR executive director John Peach made the presentations in front of over 140 viewers.

Congratulations to Susie and our North Country educators!

Prior recipients of the Friends of the River award include many well-known figures who have helped lead the fight to protect the Upper St. Lawrence River:

   · Tom Brown - former administrator of DEC section 6 and long time member of ILOSLRB
   · Mayor Norma Zimmer of Clayton
   · Congresswoman Elise Stefanik
   · Senator Bob Runciman
   · IJC US & Canadian Commissioners
   · Ken Deedy- Founder of TILT and longtime STR Board member
   · Ann Ward - Long time member of STR Board and former STR President

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the video of Susie’s award at Susie Smith - Friends of the River Award 2021.

Also included for your viewing pleasure is the video of the award to the wonderful North Country Teachers at North Country Teachers - Friends of the River Award 2021.

By John Peach, Executive Director, Save The River

John Peach, Executive Director of Save The River and the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper, spends his summers with his wife Pat on Huckleberry Island in the Lost Channel. Winters are spent commuting between Clayton and their pre - 1800 farm house in Clinton, NY. John has been an active environmentalist since graduation from St. Lawrence University and came out of retirement in 2018 to take the helm of Save The River. John says his  “grandchildren are either sixth or seventh generation River Rats, depending on what version of the family history is being told on the porch at the island late in the afternoon.”

Editor's Note: Hard to speak to this article as is it about me - Susie Smith. But I am both proud and humbled to push "Post" in publishing this article. The names of those who have come before make me smile, to be in their company is certainly an honour.  However, TI Life is a team effort and many others today and in the past 14 years have make me look good. Over 1,400 articles all written by authors, and then checked by editors and proofreaders  . . . Thanks to all!

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John Peach

John served on Save The River’s Board from 2000-2018 in several key roles, including as aa President from 2004-2007, on the executive committee, and most recently as Treasurer, leading the finance

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