River Sadness

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2018

Immediately after the accident, the first responders began their search including the OPP’s Underwater Search and Recovery Unit, the Fire Department,  Coast Guard and both Canadian and US Border Services. In addition, assets and personnel from Trenton CFB (Canadian Forces Base) participated too, beginning with immediate and numerous C-130 overflights.  Then dozens of boaters and dive clubs from around the River came to help with the search, which will continue indefinitely.

Candle of Hope. One of several candle photographs published since September 1, 2018. [Photo by Janice Medcalf, Hill Island]

The Ontario Provincial Police East Twitter account recently announced that while the Leeds County OPP continues to lead the search for a missing 11-Year-old boy along the St. Lawrence River, near Rockport, the boy’s family has issued this statement:


A central dedicated Facebook page has been created to assist with the search.  It will allow those searching to coordinate areas already searched and provide up-to-date information:  See www.facebook.com/Missing-Boy-Rockport-Search-2103214389938766/notifications

I would personally like to thank all those who kept information posted on Facebook (1000 Island River Rats Now and Then) and for those who participated in the search. Losing a family member to our River leaves a mark forever. I remind everyone to be aware and to be careful.

Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

Update: October, 2018.  The body of the 11-year-old Ottawa boy who drowned near Rockport, ON, was found in October after "48 agonizing days." The OPP expressed their thanks for the efforts made by so many dedicated volunteers including River divers.

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