River Gift to "TI Life"

By: Andrew Kane

Volume 17, Issue 12, December 2022

Dear Susie,

As you know, my love of the River is extremely strong, to the point that I find myself emotional when I sit in front of my computer and edit my River photos and videos. A couple of months ago, I took footage of Rock Island Lighthouse and the surrounding islands during a late afternoon when the sun began changing everything to a golden hue.

My emotions were running rampant during the editing process. Finally, after I finished, I repeatedly watched the video, and said, "I think I have something! And I want to share it with everyone!"

But my website does not get the followers needed, so I thought of you and Thousand Islands Life Magazine. I know you have a huge following, and I hope you can share my video with our special River community for everyone to enjoy.


Rock Island Lighthouse and surrounding islands basking in the setting sun. November 8, 2022. I just ask three things: turn it up as the music plays a huge part, watch the whole thing (5 mins), and please share! Thanks, Andrew Kane (Feather in Flight Productions)

Dear Andy

Sigh, how do I say thank you on behalf of myself, our TI Life Team, and most of all our readers? First, I smile when I see you wrote that you get emotional. We all do in our own way. This fall, as we closed up the island, I actually ran back and hugged a post of our house. Then I tried to look around to ensure I saw the last shoal always marked by TIA in the summer, and of course, I looked for some wildlife to wish a happy winter.

You have given so many of us delight in your amazing River photography; this video is no exception.

All the best in 2023.

Susie (Editor, TI Life)

TI Life readers were introduced to Andrew Kane by author Raymond Kowalski's "Andrew Kane: His Photography - His Art, His Passion and His Life" in March 2021 issue. Many Islanders are fortunate to have purchased his book. "My Love of the River, a Photo Book of the Thousand Islands." It too, is a gift to the River.

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