Oswegatchie Yacht Club’s Veiled History

By: John Kunz

Volume 13, Issue 11, November 2018

The club was named after the Oswegatchie River that flows into the St. Lawrence at Ogdensburg. Oswegatchie is an Indian name that translates roughly to: The Place of the Dark Waters. When I was a kid, I asked someone what Oswegatchie meant. They quickly replied, “Oh that’s Indian for horse we got you.”


The last reference to the Club is a short notice in the Ogdensburg Advance,on Dec. 31, 1933. It read: “Oswegatchie Yacht Club property to be sold in foreclosure proceedings.” The Depression was apparently too much for the club.

By John Kunz

John Kunz and his wife Kelly are summer residents of Chippewa Bay. They winter in Watertown, NY. Along with their three sons, they enjoy the River on a four-season basis - Sailing, Rock Climbing and Skijoring.  In October 2018, John wrote about the Thousand Islands Cup. Be sure to see this one. Also, in February 2016, John took us Skijoring in the Thousand Islands.  Read that article again, so you are ready for Winter 2019!


Comment by: Cliff Yates
Left at: 5:08 PM Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Another great article by local John Kunz. During our summertime at the island, I often cross the Oswegatchie before entering Ogdensburg. I always wondered about the origin of the rivers name. Sad that the yacht club did not survive, or at least be revived at some time. Thank goodness the Chippewa Yacht Club is still alive and thriving. Looking forward to more articles by John Kunz.

Comment by: Jack Patterson
Left at: 5:50 AM Sunday, November 18, 2018
Thank you. I know some history of this area - at least I think I do. Wasn't this an outpost of the Iroquois? Or at least near here. Not one of their usual if I may, 'castles'., such as the Onondaga on Oneida Lake ... (the one Champlain attacked), but one, nonetheless, where a tribal presence existed from earliest times. An article?

Comment by: John Kunz
Left at: 8:32 AM Friday, December 14, 2018
Hi Jack, ...I agree with you the Iroquois were all up and down the St. Lawrence. I used to take my boys over to Cornwall islands to buy Lacrosse sticks from the Mitchell Brothers. They bend sticks from hickory the way they used to 300 years ago. Great place to visit to see some living history. Cheers....jk

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