House Painters... Beverly Furer and Maureen Sheridan

By: Beverly Furer, Maureen Sheridan & Susan W. Smith

Volume 15, Issue 7, July 2020

Artists Beverly Furer and Maureen Sheridan are house painters.   No, not the kind that climb ladders to get the gray paint on the old siding, but acclaimed artists who both told us about interesting projects.

Beverly Furer's visit to Netley Island :  

Toronto artist Beverly Furer has been a frequent house guest to Netley Island in the Lake Fleet. Rather than just the bottle of wine or box of chocolate, Beverly arrived with something else – her wish to paint something that the owners of Netley would enjoy.

She has completed a number of murals over the years as well as works on paper, and right now sitting on her easels in her studio are her classic portraitures in oils.

Here is Beverly’s "Thank you to Netley island”

My eyes were opened to the magnificent St. Lawrence River with the help of my dear friends on Netley Island. At first, I did not think about painting on an island but now I say ‘yes' without hesitation anytime they invite me to visit. It happened often enough, that eventually I found myself artist-in-residence on the five-acre island surrounded by endless beauty.
If that weren't enough, there were tales to be told; legends of notorious bon vivants, a library filled with island stories and the mystery of a grand house with so many bedrooms, each are numbered.
As a tribute to Netley’s heritage I painted two panels in the kitchen; the first reflecting the old ship’s bell mounted on a pole just outside, and the other commemorating the founding of the island.
Huge thanks to Gary Pelow and Jennie Montford for inviting me aboard. Give a wave the next time you pass by Netley - who knows, I might be there painting you.

By Beverly Furer

Some more of Beverly Furer's paintings

Painting by Beverly Furer ©

Maureen Sheridan, Kingston Artist

We met Maureen Sheridan in TI Life's April 2014 issue. An art teacher by trade, Maureen captures both the spirit of the River as well as the beauty of each subject.

Maureen Sheridan in her Kingston studio.

So what does an artist do when they are not teaching, not able to visit family and friends - they make their way to their studio and create. Luckily for a number of Kingstonians, who wanted their houses painted.... Maureen has been busy.  She writes,

" I am reviving my watercolour house/building portrait genre during this time of the pandemic. They are mainly regional house/building scenes.  I never know who may be interested so I just pass the word around."

Here are a few more of Maureen's paintings

"Autumn Moment" by Maureen Sheridan ©


Looking at these lovely works of art makes me envious of these artists' talents but never mind, I bet if I persevere I can get out the ladder and try my hand at getting that siding a nice shade of gray!  

By Susan W. Smith, Editor, TI Life

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