From the Editor, March '22

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 17, Issue 3, March 2022

We received the news we’ve been waiting for; the St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation announced that the section of the St. Lawrence River from the port of Montreal, going west through the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, will open on March 22, 2022. That means we will see the mighty ice breakers coming through, and channel markers being set. Best of all - Summer 2022 will be on its way!

Meg Meakin wrote on March 10, 2022, "Good night from Swan Bay. The dark spot on the ice is a muskrat. There are two that have dug holes through the ice and they pop up & down all day long. I call them Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam!"

Water Levels

Already everyone is watching water level graphs and so far, all looks good. Be sure to check out the Thousand Islands Association (TIA) website for up-to-date water level reports.

You can also subscribe to receive the “LEVEL news” from the Government of Canada website or access it via the LEVEL news section page. A similar report is routinely posted by NOAA.

International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board | International Joint Commission (

And when I write St. Lawrence Seaway, TIA's River Talk, etc. I am reminded that this is the season to JOIN:  Shipwatchers Facebook pages, TIA, the many museums, purchase theatre tickets and get ready for news from all our River 's special organizations. With your help they will make Summer 2022 a great one.

Happy spring everyone!

Hashing Over History - Clayton's 150th Anniversary

As part of the 150th celebrations, Clayton residents were given a window into the town's past through "Hashing over History" programs. These programs were held at the Clayton Opera House throughout the winter, in collaboration with the Thousand Islands Museum and the Town & Village of Clayton Historian. All programs are now on YouTube.

Subscribe to "Sharing Clayton's History" on YouTube 

Peter Murray

Tremont Island, in the Admiralty Islands, and the town of Gananoque lost a champion with the death of Peter Murray in November. As this editor loves history and appreciates each and every book written about our River,  Peter was responsible for helping to have a book published on the history of Tremont Island. I was honoured to receive a copy of Tidds Island History soon after it was published in 2009.

Peter Murray played an important role in seeing this project through. Peter was the Chair of the publication committee, joined with Bill Gardian, publisher, Steve Hornsby, photo scanner, and Bruce Chick and Harry McAdie, advisors. In the book's acknowledgements we read "Of course, we must thank Peter Murray who originated the idea and the tirelessly pursued everyone to submit their contributions and filled in the gaps with his "Editors comments”."

Tidds Island: a history of its people and their stories, published 2009

I considered Peter a friend and I send my condolences to Nancy, his wife of an amazing 68 years, and to his family who will return to Tremont Island this summer. Thanks Peter for all you have done for our communities. You are already missed.  

Crazy wind formation on March 6, 2022 by James R. Miller

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Be sure to "poke about"; if there are areas that interest you, or if there is missing material, please let us know. As 2022 season begins we will be updating several pages and we could use your help!

Not seeing any open water from the south side of Wolfe Island, Thursday afternoon 2:25 p.m. March 2, 2022. [Photo by Lynda Crothers]


One new author in March 2022. Zane Smith. Zane is on the staff a the 1000 Islands History Museum (formerly named Arthur Child Heritage Museum) in Gananoque.  We have 11 articles this issue and once again we ask that you leave comments on articles or send them to me to post (there is a little glitch using some web browsers.)

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

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