December '18 Happenings

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2018

A friend asked me why I keep at it every month and I realize what a wealth of material we have given to readers and those who just fall upon an article thanks to Google. Amazing right! I do have one request – please go back and see what was your  favorite. I bet you appreciate some even more than reading it the first  time. (There are 1468 articles in total.)

dennis McCarthy Xmas 2018

And… I would be remiss if I did not stop and thank all those who help with proof reading, editing and of course adding commas! Georgia  Barker, Rick Taylor, Dane Zabroski and Bill Stallan… You are all  amazing.

Mike Cox Rally for Rangers

This month Mike Cox, our IT Magician... went by air from Ottawa, ON to Patagonia in the Southern Hemisphere with  Rally for the Rangers. He, and a dozen others, delivered brand new motorcycles to the Patagonia Park Rangers.  

Rally for Rangers say, “The only thing more rewarding and exhilarating than riding 1,500 kilometers of dirt, mud, and river bottom  is handing over the keys to an (almost) new motorcycle so these rangers  can better protect the incredible resources of their national parks”

December 12, 2018. Photo by Warren W. King. [FB: Thousand Islands River Rats Now and Then]

“Merry Christmas” with 15 Articles:

Each December, we ask two authors for special submissions.  Chas  MacLean Cochand always provides a unique link to the Islands and  this  year’s story is no exception; The Boy with the Box of Candles, 1918; and Doctor Richard Withington (Round Island) lets us ride along on rescue missions in 2018 in The Withington 2018 Review: Fire, Groundings… etc.

We want to bring attention to Will Salisbury, who has created a unique website in Gift to the River, I introduce two artists, Brockville’s Brenda Clarke, Artist and the talented Frank Shattuck, Tailor and More, from Sackett's Harbor.

There are lessons by Chris Murray’s Depth of Field: The Story Behind the Image and Nicole Hartshorn’s The River Gal: The Maritime Mimosa.  (She even suggests a winter break with a visit to a boat show). and  hold on, Dan LeKander once more challenges us – this is his Sudoku Puzzle #47. (How many have your completed?)

Linda Twichell also gives 31-day book recommendations in Books galore. Linda’s lists and TI Life’s Books Tab, will keep you busy throughout 2019, so Happy New Year!

Santa Arrives in a Boat

The 4th Annual Santa Day took place on Saturday, December 16 in  Alexandria Bay. Thanks to the Doug Tulloch and his many elves from the  Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce the day was wonderful for all.  A  perfect temperature and dozens of happy children.

WWNYTV, Chanel 7 News Captured the fun…

Please Remember

We certainly appreciate having you hit the button at the top of each article and Supporting TI Life – although we: Authors, Photographers, Proof Readers and Editors – including this one(!) all publish TI Life as Volunteers, there are costs, including our Email Program - Constant Contact, and our software, now working in its 11year. (I say that each month… but now we are almost there.  We will need some volunteers to help us on our way, so stay tuned!)

I thank those who send photographs for TI Life – they really are better than 1000 words… Always send photos of interesting happenings to

And, this Editor is looking forward to receiving new submissions throughout the year. I bet our readers are too!

December photographs in order: Left to Right.  Dennis McCarthy (owl), some of the riders in Rally for Rangers, Dennis McCarthy presents the Clayton Christmas Parade, Lynda Corothers from Wolfe Island feeding the birds and capturing her island neighbours! The Christmas photographs is the ship Oakden in the snow by James R. Miller.

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

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