Covid Projects

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 15, Issue 10, October 2020

Time... lots of time.  No parties, no shopping and no dusting... all part of Covid 19 and staying in our bubbles.  This month I asked "what have you done over the year?" We received wonderful answers!

Nancy Friot, Tremont Island, Admiralty Islands (but this summer in Oklahoma as she could not cross the border - UGH) started to learn how to do stitching using silk ribbons.  She says it is really fun to do, but you have to be careful since the silk is fragile and a mistake is not easy to fix.  

Rick Taylor, Macalpine Road, Gananoque, ON  Rick usually does his woodworking in the winter in Florida, but this summer he completed this lovely piece for his daughter for Christmas.

Woodwork by Rick Taylor

Sue Saiter, usually on Island 18, Admiralty Islands, but this summer she was stuck in Dallas, Texas.

Susan Saiter's finished her sampler. Sue explains that young girls learned how to do the alphabet as they had to embroider their initials on their linens.

Lyne Dupont, Mudlunta Island, Admiralty Islands

Here is a picture of a piece I finished on May 10. I have made progress on a blooming red rose and progress on a yellow rose and my cakes are complete.

Nora Detlor, Ash Island, is another cross stich wizard. Nora writes, " I’m a cross stitch addict plus with my knees so bad, I stitch all day, every day, whether inside or outside enjoying the River. Here are just some pieces she completed recently.

Elsie Bedford Jones, Mudlunta Island, Admiralty Islands, sent her creation with the apt title: "Not fancy like some of your stitching— But 0h so nécessaire!!"

Cheryl Drake, from Clayton, NY, had a productive year. "Quarantine has been an awful yet amazing time. I’ve been able to discover so many artistic outlets from making wreaths and painting watercolors to acrylic pouring and starting a blog. Below are just some of the photos of things that have kept me busy during quarantine. Honestly, I have so many photos, it was hard to scale down what to send. I’ve learned to do my own acrylic dip nails, make Jewelry, kayaking and let’s not forget all the puzzles. I found an amazing one of the TI Bridge at Karla's Christmas Shoppe in Clayton!"

And for those who know I collect antique buttons (yes the type that keeps your shirt buttoned-up), I was busy in April, May and June, as the webmaster for the Ottawa Valley Button Club.  We had a button a day project.  

My little button room.... And if you ask how many I have, I will tell you, Not Enough!

It is only October 2020... so please continue to send me your creations to share!

By Susan W. Smith, Editor, TI Life (

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