Closing-Up Is Hard To Do…

By: Susan W. Smith

Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2018

One day last week  it was in the high 60s, (21C) and that night it went down to 37F (4C)…   Time to close-up and head home!  For those of you who live here  year-round you can look forward to no 5:00 p.m. traffic jams, and lots  of evenings by the fireplace.  

Be sure to see Save the River's Facebook page and good advice about watching for shoals now the Markers are being removed. We give a big shout-out to TIA (Thousand Islands Association) for paying for the markers and STR for helping to install them in US waters. What a partnership. (Photo by John Peach) 

This issue is dedicated to you, the Closers.

Lynn McElfresh introduces a group of ladies who attend The Annual every summer. Who else does the same?

Richard Palmer gives us Theodore Gegoux Painted the Steamboat St. Lawrence, Who Was He? Can you answer the question?

Linda Twichell tells us about Early Westminster Park Families: The Tavenders – I wish there were more writers interested in capturing the history of  the first islanders in their community. Amazing information.

While Julie Woods introduces her Arthur Child Heritage Museum’s Facebook page with its Wayback Wednesdays…

Ryan Leiberher presents The Journey and More Poetry - we may be closing but Ryan reminds of early summer and his drive to the 1000 Islands.

John Kunz tells us all about The Thousand Islands Cup – a must to see next summer too.

Dan LeKander wants us to solve Sudoku Puzzle #45.

I have two articles this month: An Interview with author Susan G Mathis and all about the great news that the Canada 150 Rink Comes to Gananoque!

Julie Woods - Wayback Wednesdays…
Bass catch
Ryan Leiberher - The Journey and More Poetry

Ryan Leiberher is a Wildlife Biologist in real life, graduating  from Penn State University and at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  He and his wife have three children, who all love their River holiday.  They live near Harrisburg, PA.      

Closing 2018

Raymond Kowalski caption

Tim Lake was first with a good suggestion: Wrapping socks over the  ends of the intake water pipes that have been pulled from the water. It  keeps the critters out. However, I'm in Henderson Harbor but just  thought I'd add my closing up memory.” I wrote back that River, Lake and  Streams are all the same - happy memories, but sad thoughts when it is  over.

Terri Nadelen Butzbach wrote “We close this weekend at Swan  Bay........jugs of pink stuff is what my picture would be LO;, sad but  awesome memories from Summer 2018 in the 1000 Islands! (Note to self…  keep one bottle of wine for the last day…)

Paul Sorg says closing means you don’t have to mow the lawn!  Ha… what if you go to Florida?

Raymond Kowalski explained when I asked what was the biggest catch.  “The grandkids found a honey hole and pulled out dozens of perch. They  only stopped because their arms got tired!”

Carl Lueck took his last swim… (What a summer for swimming and water sports)
Where is this you asked? In Carnegie Bay, east of Alex Bay…
Trish Tague says, Don’t forget the “Yaks”.
Steve Wilcox says “When ya start seeing the cribs...” And, he is so right! 
Elaine Arnold Berg shows the big job… taking out the floating docks!


Cliff Santee wrote a simple one. “No more gigs in ABay”.    


We looked him up and discovered he plays three keyboards – and for  several years entertained at almost all the hot spots in ABay. He was a  member of the Bad Husband’s Band…  Sadly, they just sold their camp and  will only be visitors next year, but always welcome!      

Karen Pachoud wrote, “A true romantic I am. Whenever we leave I get all  sappy and always thankful for the beautiful views & magical waters.  Always hope too, that it won't be the last time, because you just never  know in life.”          


Carl Lueck suggests sailing is all wrapped up for the season!        


Susie Wood describes closing up in Chippewa Bay! (Bet they sat and enjoyed the warmth long before they got the bags packed!)      

Sad Closing          

Derek Ennis leaving the island

Florence Kincade Innes and young Derek at age 2-half. 1939; the  lower photograph shows Derek 79 years later on the porch once again.  Many will recognize his wife Marj, a champion sailor.      We conclude with  photographs that express celebration and sadness.  Derek Innes from  Tower Island, Admiralty Islands, sent photographs of his last walk to  the dock. Derek has spent every summer since a wee lad on the island but  now after 8 decades he is leaving for the last time.  Many of us have  experienced the same sadness, but suffice to say he and his wife Marj  have many friends and dozens of joyous memories that will last forever.    

Future Issues

Frank Shattuck jacket

· Next month we will learn more about Boldt Castle… and how they  close for the season.  If we thought draining the pipes in our cottage  was difficult… Or how about getting the garden ready for winter… or then  there is the planning for new projects for the 2019 season…  Ha.  Just  wait and see.

· A talent not known!  This month while receiving our 1000 Islands  River Rats Now and Then, Facebook page, we met Frank Shattuck and  watching the progress made on his beautiful St. Lawrence Tartan jacket.   A couple of inquiries and we learn that this is a most talented artist  and I look forward to doing an interview in the future.

· 2018 Photo Contest… Ian Coristine will outline the Rules and  Process for the 2018 - 1000 Islands Life Magazine Photo contest.  As the  editor of TI Life, I think this contest is the best present I could  ever receive in December.

And… Robert Daly sent a reminder of fall… We will look forward to learning more about this poet in a future issue too!

Acorns Falling    


acorns falling    

waking me.    

I hear    

squirrels enjoy a feast, and    

store goods for February.    

I see    

Sunlight’s dancing with shadow leaves    

on cedar panels. Morning’s    

theater framed by a window.    

A map on the wall of “Norway,”    

the township, near the mountains,    

where Father was born,    

and his Father, too.    

Trees beyond green drapes    

shuddering in the north wind.    

Another hand at work this Sunday morning.    

My desk.    

The laptop, papers,    

Bowker, Agamben, Rumi,    

travel brochures, implements, lists.    

In disarray.    

Like life -    

I think    

I would not know myself as well    

if I arose when acorns fell.    

By Robert Daly      

Goodfellow Pumpkins

I thank those who send photographs for TI Life – they really are  better than 1000 words… Send photos of interesting happenings to

And, this Editor is looking forward to receiving new submissions throughout the year. I bet our readers are too!

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

Special thanks to editor Bill Stallan and proofreaders Rick Taylor,  Georgia Barker, and Dane Zabriskie.  I especially thank Mike Cox who is  the magician behind the website. What a team  

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