“Changes in Latitudes”

By: Elaine Vedette Tack

Volume 19, Issue 5, May 2024
Editor's note: Of course, Elaine Tack is well known in this Editor's world. First, her father, Dan Tack, was a good friend and supporter of many Thousand Islands non-profits. Next, Elaine served on the Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT) board at the same time as I did. But Elaine has another common link with TI Life and that is Tasmania.
Thanks to Dr. John C. Carter, an Ontario researcher, we have learned much about Tasmania over the years. Why? Because many of those who came from the North Country and fought in the Rebellion of 1838 between the United States and Upper Canada were captured and sent by ship to the Tasmanian penal colonies. So, finding another essential and unique link between our Islands and this far-off country is intriguing. Thank you, Elaine, for sharing this news. We’ll look forward to seeing you on July 17th!

“Changes in Latitudes: 42 Degrees South to 45 Degrees North”

I am sharing news of an upcoming summer event at the Thousand Islands Arts Center. The exhibition is called Changing Latitudes: 42 Degrees South to 45 Degrees North. Tasmanian Nathaniel Hiller will be joined by his family to share his art and his stories of Tasmania with the residents and visitors in the Region.

The exhibition will take place from July 17th to August 17th, 2024, at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton, NY, and it will feature the works of Tasmanian Hiller and American Larry Tack.

Larry Tack was an Upstate New York businessman and the father of Daniel Tack, who was born in 1897. He was also an artist who only exhibited his work once in his lifetime, in the late 1930s. During this summer exhibit, Tack's works, which friends and family have held tightly, will be on display and for sale to benefit the Arts Center.

Hobart, Tasmania, Artist Nathaniel Hiller comes from a long legacy of Australian artists, including his father, who taught art in Hobart, and his Aunt, Kit Hiller, who is a well-known Australian printmaker. He will travel to New York for the exhibition to teach and to talk about his work and his stories of Tasmania.

Elaine TAck with Tasmania artist, Nathaniel Hiller who will be visiting the Thousand Islands this summer for an exhibition of his work at the TIAC. 

Yes, art comes together from two different eras on two continents with very similar styles.

Tasmania and the Thousand Islands region are similar in geography and landscape, and half of the Thousand Islands region shares the heritage of Mother England. Hobart sits on the Derwent River, and like the Thousand Islands, life revolves around the water.

Artist Nathaniel Hiller, "Changes in Latitudes" exhibition July-August 2024 at the Thousand Islands Arts Center, Clayton, New York. The exhibition combines the talents of an undiscovered American Painter from the 1930's and 1940's, Larry Tack and the young Tasmanian, Nathan Hiller. Video made by Elaine Tack 

Tack's work reflects the American landscape from a different time, and Hiller's work is similar, reflecting Tasmania's beautiful landscapes, villages, and waterways today.

Opening night, July 17th, will feature the work of Sue Hall of Shall Designs, who is outfitting the DJ with one of her Australian shirts. Kangaroo biltong will be served while patrons rock to Australian tunes and sip on Tasmanian and Australian wines. The four-week exhibition promises to showcase Tasmania and Australia.

By Elaine Tack

Elaine Tack spent 14 years working in television broadcasting. She is a film maker/story teller. Elaine sat on the TILT Board and a member of Grenadier Island Golf Club. She is well known as a generous supporter of the Thousand Islands community over the years.

Past articles connecting Tasmania with the Thousand Islands and the North Country by Dr. John C. Carter (after 2019) and those prior t0 June 2019. Also two must read articles by Pauline Buckby. Pauline read one of Dr. Carter's articles and found unknown ancestorial history about her husband's family.  

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