8th Annual Photo Contest... Winners!

By: Ian Coristine

Volume 14, Issue 12, December 2019

I won’t bore you again by talking about how difficult a process selecting winners for our Photo Contest is. Let’s just leave it that it genuinely is. This year, our 8th, there were 102 entries which is a high. It’s a treat for me to be able to revisit the River through so many others’ eyes, seeing their corners of paradise. Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted images.

Gold Medal Winner - Karen Millspaugh

I’ll cut right to the chase. This year’s winner is this image of the Seth Green, beautifully lit by the reflections of fireworks, presumably being fired from Cape Vincent's breakwater, so I’m guessing at the French Festival.

Gold Medal Winner, photo by Karen Millspaugh ©2019: "Seth Green Fireworks"

Often images are captured by luck, but this photographer carefully set this shot up ahead of time on a tripod as it’s all in perfect focus despite the low light, with just a little bit of luck helping out by catching the fireworks at full burst, perfectly positioned to frame the boat. A beautifully crafted and executed shot. Congratulations!

Silver Medal - Alexander Davis

Silver goes to the close up of a cleat which perfectly sums up the summer we all experienced on the River.

Silver Medal Winner; photo by Alexander Davis ©2019: " High Water"

This was a tough call as there were several other high water shots which were also worthy, but at the end of the day the tenacity of the photographer, kneeling in the water (or perhaps lying in it) to capture this perspective, justifies pushing it ahead of the others to take the medal.

Bronze Medal - Karen Schaack

There were a couple of great swan images (amongst other exceptional avian images) this year but this one of Mom and Dad gathering the family while a red winged blackbird attempts to chase them away from her own brood takes the cake (bronze).

Bronze Medal Winner: phto by Karen Schaack ©2019: "Dangerous Outing" 

It’s beautifully focused with a pretty backdrop of marsh grass and a slight blurring of the blackbird highlighting the action of her attack.

You will definitely get an understanding from all the Honorable Mentions how difficult this process is. There are several in there which - oh so easily - could have taken medals. If I hesitated in putting my thoughts down immediately, I know I’d soon be second guessing my own choices, as I’m sure many of you will.

Enjoy the talents of these many photographers while revisiting our favorite place.

By Ian Coristine, Raleigh Island

[All photographs chosen by Ian Coristine. This editor once again, thanks everyone who took the time to enter their favorite photographs. I had the pleasure of seeing them first and each day receiving the mail was a gift.

In addition, we want to thank Sarah Ditterline for taking the time to graphically produce the three certificates that will be sent to the three winners along with a book from Ian Coristine and my book, The First Summer People. Not too early to be thinking 2020! ]

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