7th Photo Contest: Honorable Mentions

By: Ian Coristine

Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2018

These are the Honorable Mention photographs chosen for our 2018 Thousand Islands Life Photo Contest.

This editor of TI Life appreciates and echoes Ian Coristine, photographer and judge, who says, “Sincere thanks and congratulations to all who submitted images. We truly appreciate your Christmas gift of River.”

Honorable Mentions: Alphabetical Order

Honorable Mention: “Canadian-flagged classic wooden boat.” Photo by Suzy Austin “©2018
Honorable Mention: “Leaving in September.” Photo by Jim Corrigan ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Toward Serenity” Photo by Shelley Creppin ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Above Boldt Castle” Photo by Jason DesJardins“©2018
Honorable Mention: “Riverside Grasses.” Photo by Erin McCarthy Greene 
Honorable Mention. Photo by Andy King ©2018
Honorable Mention: Heron in the Snow.” Photo by Lindy Martin ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Silent Hunter.” Photo by Lindy Martin ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Sturdy Lichen.” Photo by Winky McGowan, ©2018
Honorable Mention: "Serenity" Photo by Karen Millspaugh, ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Anna.” Photo by Judy Rapp ©2018
Honorable Mention: “Light as a Feather.” Photo by Donald Sbarra ©2018

Photographs chosen by Ian Coristine

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