7th Annual Photo Contest & River's Gift

By: Ian Coristine

Volume 13, Issue 11, November 2018

It's that time of year again when you can help build greater understanding and appreciation of the River through TI Life's 7th Annual photo contest. We'd very much like you to share as many as three of your favourite TI Photographs with Susie Smith, Editor. [susansmith@thousandislandslife.com]

The way it works is that she will collect all entries that arrive before the closing date of December 6th, number them, and then forward them to me blind. That’s when the going gets tough, choosing the gold, silver and bronze certificate winners. Typically, there are plenty more worthy shots which we will also publish as “Honourable Mentions.”

2016 and 2017 winners

So many of us intimately know a five-mile radius from the dock, but beyond the routes to a friend’s cottage, a castle, marina or restaurant, we have far less appreciation for how much more is actually here. We see our spot as wonderland, while forgetting that with over 200 square miles and thousands of miles of coastline squeezed into 50 miles of River, there are countless wonderlands.


One of the primary goals of each of my books has been to try to introduce people to more of what lies between Tibbetts Point and Brockville other than just the popular tourism attractions. This is also a primary goal of our annual photo contest - building a great appreciation for the place. The other is to give the winners and honourables the recognition their photographs deserve.

Please look through your photos and help provide an opportunity for all to revisit the River out of season. Think of it as Susie and I do. It’s our Christmas Gift of the River, to the community who most appreciates it. But there will be no gift if you don’t share, so please don’t put it off.

Next month, we’ll share the harvest.

By Ian Coristine


His Thousand Islands photographs have been featured internationally. DxO Labs of Paris, France, award winning publishers of revolutionary high-end camera and lens correction software, selected Coristine as one of their 12 founding "Image Masters", from professional photographers around the world.

Ian Coristine's seventh book, “Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands,” is the culmination of his twenty years of work.  He says, “These are my top picks, from the over 50,000 images I’ve captured, since the River became my life’s work. To not share these is unthinkable.”

Since Paul Malo created “Thousand Islands Life Magazine,” in 2006, Ian has generously shared his photography as well as providing our special “page headers.” He also produces a new photograph during the dark days of winter, starting in November.  On the first of the month, if you subscribe to TI Life, you will get his “Wallpaper Selection” for your computer or phone screen!  A great way to ”put a Thousand Islands in your life.”

Editor’s Note:  I have been asked why professional photographers are allowed and encouraged to submit their photography.  Ian and I feel strongly that we are looking for the best photographs that capture the Thousand Islands.  But l assure all photographers, it is the photograph that makes the winner, not the photographer’s reputation.  Because Ian is never shown the photographer’s name, the selections are made without any influence beyond the image’s merit. Please enter your favorites!

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