K9 Weekend at the Island

By: Jean-Marie St. Georges for Enzo

Volume 19, Issue 2, February 2024

I am feeling so sad, laying on my mattress in the dining room . . . It is Sunday night, and I’m wondering why my masters would leave such a paradise, after this fabulous weekend? It was my very the first time in a boat and after a short ride, we arrived at this marvellous Island.

I am a teenager Doodle/Portuguese Waterdog. My name is Enzo.

Surrounded by the water and large trees, I was free at last, with no leash! Jumping from the dock into the welcoming water was fun . . . and it was easy for me to get to the shore by making my way through the rocks and tall grass.

There is a cute girl dog with us in the house. She is older and does not seem to enjoy my playful character.

Fortunately, there is an amazing spaniel living on the other side of the island! We can play together when she is out of the other house, and we connect using the path along the shore.

Forget the doggy park in town, this is Dog Heaven!

I bark at the boats venturing too close to the island. I don’t want intruders to spoil my space – unless they have treats or beautiful canines with them. The swans are majestic, but I can’t get near them, and they don’t seem to appreciate my presence.

When the hosts and my masters are eating outdoors, I can always find a helping hand with some goodies or snacks . . .  There is this long table on the veranda and on Saturday night, it was filled with guests and pet lovers.

Why are we back in town, and why are they punishing me like this? They don’t get it! That island is where my mattress should be posted permanently!

Signed, Enzo

Enzo belongs to Jean-Marie St. Georges and Mark DeCoste who live east of Montreal, QC. Enzo’s parents have been visiting Sagastaweka Island for a few decades – bringing their first trusted friend, Pinseau, and now Enzo. We all agree that the four-legged visitors to the Thousand Islands deserve as much print space as do history and photographs. Enjoy and read this aloud to your furry friends and see if they agree!

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