GHOST testing for Susie

By: Susan W. Smith

Messges for Mike and Susie to work through

Getting this message when I try to upload a new photo 

password for Susie Oak23TIL$$

Old system Scheduling

I scheduled the posts for the 16th of the month- which meant I could look at Scheduled and work from the Ghost section all the time. Now it is in the DRAFTS but that is not a problem as I certainly know which are the right one.
I never used the old automatic scheduling - so that is ok. I only need to publishe them on the right day in the right order.  As long as they have the right tags,  (volume number and NEXT) I will be ok.  
When I publish I will delete Current tag, and change NEXT to Current as usual. then I publish the articles with the last one I want to appear on the home page first, and work my way to the From the Editor ( which is the Featured Article. )

Feature PHoto

looks like I should add a feature photo at the top of the article, but when I try to add it, I get an error message.
Looks like I can only access Ghost photos and not mine.  I am sure there is a work around.

Permissions have been fixed, all features now work!

Here is a bold header

This is something else

So far that is it.

Pine Island, Hammond, NY
Quintessential Private Island off the Grid now available for sale for the first time in 32 years! A spectacular Grater-designed cottage with renovations by Steve White in 2015. No expense was spared with douglas fir wood throughout the 3 bedrooms and full bathroom with composting toilet. With 360…
This is something new.... but is it useful?

How about this schidt

This is what you get.

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