Can you help?  Our objective is to encourage raising the bar in the Thousand Islands by recognizing and encouraging excellence, and it is our hope that our readership will help us accomplish that by participating in the process.

We look forward to your contributions. We may not have room for all, but encourage contributions that will increase our knowledge and appreciation for the place. With over 200 square miles, there is much more of it than any of us can possibly know intimately. The magazine can help fill that gap. If you are interested in providing content to TI Life, please review these guidelines and then submit your material to: Editor

Mission statement: "Thousand Islands Life, is an occasional journal of articles about our distinctive region--its current development, its colorful heritage, and its characteristic marine lifestyle. New issues are announced to subscribers by e-mail but are always accessible at this web site. There is no charge for subscription; simply add your name and other information to our confidential Notification List."

The Region (On the River, above the River or under the River!): "Thousand Islands Life, the regional overview, provides probably the most comprehensive resource for information about the St. Lawrence River, from Cape Vincent and Kingston on Lake Ontario to Brockville and Morristown, fifty miles down the river. The web site is huge, providing information about twenty-two communities and other subjects. Exploration of the layered material should prove rewarding."

Do you have an idea? TI Life is a volunteer effort. There is no compensation for material, but it is an excellent way for those interested in the Thousand Islands to share information, stories and lore. We prefer that potential contributors send us outlines before they begin writing. This helps us focus potential articles, and avoids repetition and wasted effort. It is also helpful to ensure that your material, if chosen, will be published in a timely manner.

What type of articles do we want? TI Life is looking for quality:

• FEATURES: These are in-depth articles--approximately 500-2,000 words in length--on a fairly narrow topic. The goal is to provide readers with enough information so they can continue their research.
• PHOTOGRAPHS: 780 pixels in width. Please include captions and photographer's name for photo credit.
• ILLUSTRATIONS: 780 pixels in width. Please include a caption.

Areas of Interest

• Nature stories: wildlife, loons, eagle sightings etc.
• History: people, places and events.
• Destination stories: places to visit on, in or under the River!
• Past historical publications: newspaper articles, magazines etc from the late 1800s, early 1900s.
• River lore: substantiated or otherwise.
• Place names and their stories: Island names project(s).
• Properties: examples such as Parks, Land Trust Preserves and historically important islands and structures.
• Towns and communities (Thousand Islands Region only) including major forthcoming events.
• Cultural events such as: Clayton Opera House; Thousand Islands Playhouse; Brockville Arts Centre Etc.
• Artists: local artists, or those who lived and painted in the Islands.
• Biographical sketches: Islanders, mainlanders and vacationers.
• Other…

Please note: Thousand Islands Life, is not an advertising forum, but a celebration of the best within the region.

Biographical information: Please supply a biography (one or two sentences) and include any information that illustrates experience or/an interest in the region.  We will also need a headshot photograph of you the author.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan W. Smith