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From the Editor – by Susan W. Smith
Winter is here, really! Be sure to see our special memorial tributes, the list of 20+ authors, bird count, call for recipes and winter photographs.

Air Boat Trip to The Gananoque Shooting Club – by Manley L. Rusho
Date: January 1966 – From Clayton, NY, to Grindstone Island on the ice was about a 15 minute drive under good conditions.

Lynda Crothers captured these winter residents from her home on Wolfe Island

Driving On Ice – by Sarah Telfer
Ssshhhh!! Don’t tell anyone! Especially not my Mother! We were teenagers and figured that we were sneaky enough that no one would ever notice. (uh huh, right – you believe me, don’t you?!)

Episode 2: How Roscoe Fish Got His Name (Part l) – By Sarah Bodine
Roscoe spent so much time at the Frost Diner that it became his home away from home . . . Roscoe’s story began in a place far away from the Thousand Islands. His parents were not St Lawrence River fish at all. He was spawned in the pristine waters of the Willowemoc River in upper New York State, near Trout Town, USA.

My Wanderful Journey – by Kate Breheny
When we lived here the first time, Brian and I were Macsherry Trail Steward volunteers. It was awesome! Our “job” was to hike the trail on a fairly regular basis . . .

Rick Casali introduces us to one of his favourites!

“Miss Scarlett” - a 1929 52-Foot Motor Yacht from the Roaring 20’s – by Rick Casali
For two years, I have wanted to write an article for my column on the 52-foot motor yacht Miss Scarlett. Thanks to owner Rob Reddick, my bucket list wish came true last fall.

A Bird in the Hand – by Patricia Mondore
I was paddling back to shore after a lovely morning kayak ride. I was not too far from home when I noticed a strange splashing motion in the water a little way downstream.

Duped: We Thought We Knew Seagulls! – By Raymond Pfeiffer
I dislike hordes of seagulls as much as anyone. When my partner, JBJ, and I went to see a movie in Kingston last summer, we were accosted and disgusted by dozens of seagulls in the parking lot . . .

Andrew Kane, Flight in Feather Photography, also captured this winter in Thousand Island Park.

K9 Weekend at the Island – by Jean St-Georges
It is Sunday night, and I’m wondering why my masters would leave such a paradise after this fabulous weekend? It was my very the first time in a boat . . .

The St. Lawrence Valley Primitive Snowshoe Biathlon – by Dallas Robinson
Each year, on the first weekend in March, the Fort La Presentation Association hosts a Primitive Snowshoe Biathlon at the St. Lawrence Sportsman Club in Lisbon, NY. The event is timed as participants snowshoe along a 1½ mile trail through the woods.

Sudoku Puzzles #185, #186, #187, & #188 – by Dan LeKander
This is a good time of year to have a fun Sudoku experience. Forget your distractions and focus on these 4 puzzles! [Editor's note: How many of the 188 have your completed?]

Patricia Mondore's article makes us think spring, summer, paddling and summer!

Good news, daylight savings time will change on March 10, and the St. Lawrence Seaway opens on March 22, 2024. Save August 19 for the Grand Parade for Bill Johnston's Pirate Days. October 14 is Canadian Thanksgiving... OK. Susie ENOUGH.. Enjoy the moment, stay safe and share TI Life with friends and family!

By Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com