TI Life - January 2024 now online

Happy New Year! Of course it means ice, snow, sleet and weather warnings. However, complaining about the weather - either too hot or too cold - will do no good, so it is time to sit back with your favourite device and enjoy what TI Life has to offer.

Thousand Islands Life Magazine is now online for January with a lucky 13 articles.

Dane and Carol Zabriskie have an island camera which captures Mr. Fox on his daily run.

From the Editor – by Susan W. Smith
This month we have news of the Seaway closing; Save the River Weekend; tribute to Dennis Honeywell; and more.

Birds + One – by Larry Asam
One morning while rowing up the north side of Grenell Island . . . I realized that rowing was an interesting metaphor for life. You can see clearly where you have been but only have clues about what is ahead . . .

Introduction: Roscoe Fish Stories – by Sarah Bodine, based on stories told by John C. Keats
My uncle, John Keats, known to everyone as JK, came to tuck us in when the light faded from the River. His bedtime tales that silenced both flying balls and pillow fights were the ones about a fish named Roscoe.

Episode I: Roscoe Fish Goes "Boying!" by Sarah Bodine
Every morning, at dawn, as the sun’s first rays came streaking through the cool, green water above his cave beneath Pine Island, Roscoe Fish slid out of his cozy seaweed bed.

James R. Miller captures one of the last ships to ply through the Seaway.

Island Affair – by Paul Gauthier
On our third night, Ed and I were enjoying our buffet dinner when he said those eight magical words, “Check out the girl in the red skirt . . .”

Grateful Patient – by Wayne Strauss
“On June 6th of this year, while I was simply folding laundry, I noticed pain in my left wrist,” says Mr. DuFlo. “In moments that pain began shooting up my arm and was spreading rapidly.”

Meet Nora Detlor and her Cross-Stitch – by Susan W.  Smith
I started working with threads at age 15. I thought first I'd try my hand at tapestry but switched to cross-stitch . . . I quickly got addicted . . .

“Working with Wood while Following God” – by Stephen Shay
I never started out to be called an artisan. An artisan is someone who, over time has practiced a trade or a craft, producing something unique by hand . . .

Another beautiful view of the Thousand Islands by Karen Beach

Book Review: The Opinionated Middle Ground: Consensus is Possible and Polarization is Curable – by Raymond Pfeiffer
Throughout these illuminating discussions, Cowan writes in a straight-forward manner . . . explaining in detail the facts that one must know to be able to seek middle ground in some of the major issues of the complex, confusing world that is ours today.

The Origins of Gananoque, Part II – by Paul Coté
“Gananoque has with justice been called the Birmingham of Eastern Ontario, the Gananoque River furnishing an almost unlimited waterpower . . . thus passing from one factory to another as motive power in setting in motion the wheels of industry.

Patriot Chronicles: Nepotism and Mr. Noyes – by John C. Carter
After the Patriot War of 1838, 150 men were captured, many from the North Country, and convicted of high treason, and then sent to Australia as prisoners. This is the story of one of the men who was responsible for these prisoners.

“Walking Through Fire” at the Kingston Grand Theatre – by Susan W. Smith
This show is described as a musical multimedia experience that includes Métis fiddling, an East Coast Kitchen Party, rumba and rock rhythms, and the drumming of the Pacific Northwest.

Sudoku Puzzles #181, #182, #183, & #184 – by Dan LeKander
Here’s hoping that your first couple of weeks of 2024 have met your expectations! Speaking of expectations, you can count on 48 challenging puzzles this year.

Enjoy the month to come,

Susan W. Smith, Editor, info@thousandislandslife.com

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Ted Mowers has a faithful companion, Larkin, who likes the River in all conditions.