TI Life is online for December

Holidays are around the corner. Caution – snow on highways I-81 and the 401, sunburns on Florida beaches, and for sure, lots to eat, lots of family, and lots of cheer! Enjoy everything, including our latest issue of TI Life.

We have a baker’s dozen this month – 13 articles.

Thousand Islands Life is now online.

Time to remember all those wonderful summer days. Photo by Paul Gauthier ©2023.

From the Editor, December 2023 – By Susan W. Smith
What fun I have had explaining what is in TI Life this month! I also take the opportunity to thank the TI Life Team – those people who really make it work!

Photo Contest Winners 2023 – by Chris Murray
Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for TI Life’s 12th Annual Photo Contest. It is always a pleasure revisiting the River through your beautiful imagery.

SS Delphine – 257-foot Steam Yacht – By Rick Casali
History of the SS Delphine, built in 1921 for Horace Dodge Sr., co-founder of the Dodge Brothers Automobile Company . . .

Sledding Adventures on Grindstone in the 40’s – by Manley L. Rusho
This packed-down snow path would become a slick, solid, sheet of ice when slightly melted by the sun. This path then became an Olympic Sled Run for us kids . . .

Remember that feeling of refreshing cool water? Photo by Clare Kenny ©2023

Growing Up on an Island – By Darryl Jeanne Lindsey King
If I was asked to do a test to qualify as a "River Rat," I probably would pass hands down. From the age of nine, I grew up on Island No. 9 in all seasons . . .

Caution Swans Ahead – By Janet Smith Staples
Have you ever had an altercation with a swan? I have and so has another TIA member whose story I am sharing here.

Site it Right! – By Jennifer Caddick
Clayton’s Dockside Cottages site is the latest property under serious consideration by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). To that end, a new petition is circulating. If every river-lover signed the petition, it would send a big message to CBP.

2023 Report for Last Chance – By Richard L. Withington
l am pleased to report that, so far, this has been a relatively quiet season for the fireboat . . .

The Origins of Gananoque, Part I – By Paul Coté
How Gananoque got its name is a minefield and not for the faint of heart. Several authors have taken a crack at unravelling this quagmire and have only come up with maybes.

River Recipes, Please + One – By Elspeth Naismith
For years, there’s been a framed tea towel hanging in my kitchen, entitled “Traditional 1000 Islands Shore Dinner,” as told by Les Cook, a local fishing guide. The tea towels were made by the late Kathy Shine . . .

Even our other family members love the River. Photo by Clara Kenny ©2023

Crunch Time, a short story – By Chris Brock
It was a Saturday morning, which meant the day’s highlight for George Davis would be the big bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal that he ate slowly in the breakfast nook of the home he had lived in for more than 50 years.

December Sudoku, #177, #178, #179 & #180 – by Dan LeKander
Here is some Sudoku fun for when the temperatures drop!

Looking Up Back Issues! – by Susan W. Smith
Can I look up an article written by a particular author? What about looking up an article by topic? Will Google find an article for me?

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you in the new year!

Susan W. Smith

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Yes, Summer 2023 was a lovely one. Now get ready for Summer 2024! Photo by Clara Kenny ©2023