TI Life for April '23 is Now Online

Spring 2023 and the River is starting to welcome back ships, boats, and islanders! Time to start packing for the River and bringing all your supplies, tools, and books for the summer.

Thousandislandslife.com for April is now online.

We have 13 articles for you to enjoy and to share with friends (this is a must, please). Don’t forget to send your comments, questions, and/or suggestions.

A returning summer heron, by Frank O'Hearn

From the Editor, April ’23 – By Susan W. Smith
Nothing says Spring better than seeing the channel and shoal makers placed in the River where they belong! Tribute to John Bishop, Human Trafficking, and a new Events team member introduced.

Anchors Up! We're Underway! – By Michael Folsom
For months, so many of us sit at home miserable from the frigid cold temperatures while dreaming of being back at the River. With many of those dreams come the visions of massive red and blue freighters dancing in our heads . . .

Happy Birthday to you, Manley Rusho! – by some of his friends
April is a special month in the Rusho family because Manley has a birthday and will turn 92 this year.       

The Natural Spring on Grindstone Island – by Manley L. Rusho
I first saw the spring some 80+ years ago, when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was assigned to fetch drinking water for the schoolhouse . . .

Wolfe Islander IV by Aerosnapper, Kingston, ON.

Biotechnology News: Synthetic Milk of Human Kindness Soon to Become a Reality – by Paul Hetzler
Perhaps the most controversial product on Cell Signals’ patent is synthetic Milk of Human Kindness.

Seasonal Transitions – Glenn Sandiford
St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m kayaking toward my island cottage after wintering out-of-state. The sheltered bay I normally use this time of year is still half-covered with thick ice,Sprint Transitions – by Glenn Sandiford

Snail and Rocket Mail from Gananoque – by Sherry L.B. Johnson
The variety of ways that mail has snailed or raced from Gananoque to its recipients over the years is quite interesting. ‘Rocket Mail’ has to be the most unusual and with good reason . . .

Taina Olsson gives us her 1000 Islands kitty photo.

A River Family Mother's Day Tradition – Marilyn Schaaf
Great Grandma Capitola Dingman was born in 1891, one of 14 children from a second-generation pioneer family of Alexandria Bay . . .

Building the Ice Rink! – By Marilyn and Ken Brabant
At the end of a night of skating, we kids would be told to grab the shovels and clean the rink . . .

James R. Miller captures his morning view

Howe's Southern 'Brother' Doesn't Disappoint – by Rick Doyon
The 'Pinkie', likely honouring one of Qantas’ past navigators, was a Canadian-built DASH-8 twin turboprop designed to land on tiny airstrips anywhere, and in this case, on ‘Howe Island’.

Spring Fit-Out on the Great Lakes, Part 1 – by Richard Palmer
As soon as the ice melted, Oswego came alive like a bear awakening from its long winter’s nap.

Wood Carver Steve Shae finished another project

"Before the Summer 2023" –  by Martha Stroud
We have both exciting new artists and returning favourite artists. Some of the new artists are profiled here . . .

Sudoku #145, #146, #147, & #148 – by Dan Lekander
We have an easy one this time . . .  see which one! Send your comments to us. We want to hear if you are doing these puzzles!


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