TI Life is now on line for April 2024

What  month - sun, heat, rain, even snow then the Eclipse and all was right in the world. And now we must launch boats and open cottages. All good news!

TI Life for April is now online. Enjoy!

Eclipse 2024! (A collaborative effort by many people!)
It came, and yes, it was spectacular and it was far more dramatic than anyone thought!

From the Editor - by Susan W. Smith
This month we provide special  photographs, poetry and a tribute to Graham (Skip) Armstrong. Also learn about mapping in the region and enoy Marilyn Neulieb's work.

The Cape Vincent shoreline during the Eclipse. Note the wave action which came as a result of a sudden drop in temperature. [Photo by Robert Russell ©2024]

The 410! - by Manley Rusho
My first look at the 410 was as it sat on the seat of the 20-foot wooden Cupernall boat that my father drove to and from work on Round Island. The gun was loosely wrapped with brown paper . . .

The Drummer! by Patty Mondore
The call of the Pileated Woodpecker is not only distinctive but even sounds somewhat otherworldly . . . and sure enough, as soon as I opened the door, I spotted him having his breakfast on a tree overlooking the River.

Photograph by Erin McCarthy Greene [©2024]

Meet Erin McCarthy Greene - by Susan W. Smith
In 2023, Erin McCarthy Greene won our Gold Medal and two honorable mentions. Yes indeed, it is high time to introduce her as a photographer to our TI Life community.

Book Review: Poems on Sabbatical - by Susan W. Smith
Yes, the best part of doing TI Life is the people who I meet – so it gives me great pleasure to introduce Christopher Keats.

Episode 5, Boying: The Lost Bait Can - by Sarah Bodine
Over the winter, he had been taking a class and studying the Boying Manual to become a Boying Guide. At the graduation ceremony, he proudly had received an official Canadian Boying Guide license and badge.

Episode 6, Boying: Of Storms and Shoals - by Sarah Bodine
Roscoe had little time to make a plan. Just then, he began to feel a low, rumbling, vibration through the water.

An April setting sun by Lucy Bottomley ©2024.

The Start and now the Lastest - by Sherry Johnson
This photo, which is used as GanWalking’s icon, is a logo of sorts, and for a good reason. It was part of the journey that spawned GanWalking.

Before the Summer Part II - by Martha Stroud
As we told you last month, the organizers of the "Before the Summer Show” show travelled far and wide to find exciting artists who are new to the show, and they have also included some fine craftspeople to add to the variety.

Painting by Martha Stroud ©2024.

Sudokus for April '24 -  by Dan LeKander
Here is some Sudoku fun when the temperatures start to rise!

R.B. 'Ratch' Wallace - by Brian Johnson
“By early morning, the wind was still blowing hard,” said Mate Emtage. “The captain and I listened to the weather report, and then he said he wasn’t feeling well. I noticed his colour was off . . . (Reprint from November 2011.)

So there you are - a dozen articles to enjoy on the beautiful spring days. Stay safe and remember April showers bring May flowers!

Susan W. Smith, info@thousandislandslife.com