TI Life in September is Now Online

Volume 17, Issue 9, September 2022 is now online

September: School's back, water's low, and memories are made!

This month there are a dozen articles. Each month we try to find areas of interest, and September is no exception: history, nature, sports, recipes, photographs, and even some antique buttons!  Let us know what interests you the most.

Rob Bollaro writes, " Our 12-year-old granddaughter Ava K. Moses, took this awesome sunset picture while fishing in Chippewa Bay.

From the Editor, September 2022 – By Susan W. Smith
Summer memories  . . .  Photographs to help remember summer 2022 . . . and what about joining the TI Life team? Also, Twix the Kitsymenie Island dog says it all!

Secret Language of Mushrooms – By Paul Hetzler
It’s old news that fungi transfer information chemically under the ground. This new discovery suggests that as fungi decompose wood, they might also be composing sonnets, love-poems, or grocery lists . . .

"Grenell 1912" Lynn McElfresh's Book 4 –  By Susan W. Smith
Residents—buckets in hand—rushed to the scene from every corner of the Park. Two boys took turns working the hand pump on the corner. Men, women, and children formed a bucket brigade.

Robert Chitty gives us a flying wonder.

Queen Elizabeth II  & HMY Britannia - By Lynn Elfresh, Rick Casali
Lynn McElfresh and Rick Casali's past articles are remembered.

The "Qamutik" – By Patty Mondore
I had no idea when I went out for a short paddle that I would end up discovering a language developed almost 200 years ago, not too far north from the River. My morning started out with a picture I took of what looked like a typical ship heading toward Boldt Castle . . .

Editor meets a new friend - Joseph B. Stahl – By Susan W. Smith
Over the past 14 years as editor of Thousand Islands Life, I have had the privilege to meet some amazing Thousand Islanders. Some live here year-round, others are snowbirds, and some I meet along the way. Joseph B. Stahl is one of those I just met along the way . . .

Thousand Islands Life, Wild Goose Island and the Dodge Family – By Joseph B. Stahl
My happy acquaintance with Wild Goose Island in the St. Lawrence River, and with the family of Cleveland “Clee” Dodge, Jr. that owned it, was an outgrowth of the fact that Clee’s daughter Alice was one of the best friends of the lady I was courting in London in the 1980s . . .

Jim Cooper's sunset from Cordwood Island.

The Binder and Threshing Machines on the 1940’s Farm – by Manley L. Rusho
By mid-August, the grain fields on Grindstone Island had changed to a light brown, the grain heads were full with seeds, the stacks were brown, and it was time for the grain harvest . . .

GAN: Gananoque Arts Network – By Susan W. Smith
Definition of Network: “a group or system of interconnected people or things.” Simple explanation, Eh! However, looking closely, the new Gananoque Arts Network (GAN) takes on real meaning . . .

“Dishing It Up” with May Irwin:  Now for Canning & Pickling – By Karen Killian & Emilie St. Marie
“Home canned food has a different, fresher flavor— and you don’t realize how easy it is to ‘put up’,” says May Irwin, in her 1922 column on cooking . . .

The 2022 Kenneth Deedy Environmental Steward Shares Her Journey – By Sara Lantier
When I received the call from TILT that I was invited to be this year’s Kenneth Deedy, Environmental Steward, I was beyond excited! As the Deedy Steward I would spend time at three different nonprofits . . .

Sudoku Puzzles #119, #120 & #121 – By Dan LeKander
Difficult rating … 5/10 (Rating based on puzzles not requiring advanced techniques) Puzzle #120 should present a moderate challenge! How many have your completed?

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Susan W. Smith, TI Life Editor

Stuart Arnett captures the Canadian flag at half mast in honour of Queen Elizabeth, monarch for 70 years.