TI Life for October is now online

“The key to a good opening in the spring is a good closing in the fall.”

Words expressed many years ago by a Tremont Island River Rat and words that apply today. Closing the water system is exactly what many Islanders have done this month. Now they have flown south or hunkered down for the months ahead. Of course, the world events are worrisome, but together we will face what is ahead.

We have 14 articles this month – Certainly a full house.  Please share with family and friends and tell them to subscribe - it is free, and we never share our mailing list!

TI Life for October is now online.

The International Rift, Summer 2023, Andrew Kane, Feather in Flight Productions.

From the Editor – by Susan W. Smith
Closing instructions; tribute to John Tucker; Sad news: Neville Johnston, Margaret Chitty; and D. Barton Haxall. Reminder to submit articles and can you identify a house in Hammond?

130 Years of Armstrong – Street Friendship
Happy 90th, Skippy. We go back awhile. Skippy, our cottages go back a lot further than 78 years, and I wondered if there might be an untold story here that could be created for you on this birthday. So, with the help of two Gananoque researchers . . .

The Lyman Obsession – by Larry Asam
Several interviews with photographs with Lyman owners asking, "What is it about Lyman?" Each answer seems perfect and logical.

Remember that flat calm day, the day before and the day after? Dane Zabriskie's cottage camera caught this view for us.

1953 Chris Craft 28 Express “Muskie” – by Rick Casali
In the Thousand Islands, boats and boating families are fiercely connected. One such wooden classic is a 1953 Chris Craft 28 Express named “Muskie”.

Trapping Beaver, a Photo Essay – by Jan Brabant
Jan Brabant photographed local Clayton trapper Don Marshall as he made his way out to his traps, collected his catch and then processed them.

Mint and Maple: Nature’s Memory Medicine – by Paul Hetzler
Eating ice cream on a regular basis helps combat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, according to recent studies. At least that’s how I interpret the results.

Thousand Islands Adventures – by Alexandra O’Rouke
The engine turned over but did not start. My Dad, getting annoyed, jumped aboard, brushed my sister to the leeward side of the boat, and went to start the engine. What happened next was like something out of a horror story . . .

The One That Got Away by Manley L. Rusho
Cruising along, I am still lost in thoughts of tomorrow, afraid of failure, and of letting my family down. Suddenly, a fish hits the Pikie lure as I was right opposite Sugar Island.

Melanie Pyke Hertzog shared her lovely painting of a Thousand Islands Cottage.

Letter to the Editor: A Resident's Lament – Roswitha Baker
Over the last eight years, however, this beauty and serenity has been horribly disrupted by the ever-expanding industrialization of our neighbour, Kehoe Marine Construction.

The Singapore Trader's Voyage ends on Shoal Near Clayton – by Cary Brick
The 'Singapore Trader' Carrying Christmas Decorations From Hong Kong to New York City Took an Unplanned Detour To Detroit That Came to an Abrupt End on Shoals Near Clayton, NY.

Tibbett’s Point Lighthouse – By Mary Alice Snetsinger
The oldest of the lighthouses in the Thousand Islands, Tibbett’s Point was first built in 1827, and was so named because the 3-acre lighthouse site was once part of a 600-acre parcel of land granted to Capt. John Tibbett (or Tibbetts).

Look who is waiting for winter! Nora Detlor found these two in front of Ash Island.

“Dishing it Up” with May Irwin— New Dish Discoveries! – by Emily St. Marie and Karen Killian.
To explain how this book began, we must go back in time to the 1990s, Karen Killian had answered the call for volunteers to clean up the TI Museum's basement. While tidying up, she came across a box of torn, dirty, and musty old newspapers from NYC.

Chapel at Westminster Park – by Linda Twitchell
In August 1891, plans for the new chapel at Westminster were accepted and arrangements with the managers of the N. Y. Central and the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg railroads to transport the building materials at no charge were completed.

Sudoku Puzzles #169, #170, #171 & #172 – by Dan LeKander
Welcome to another month of something-for-every Sudoku enthusiast. (Editor says… Kept me out of trouble for some time!)


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James R. Miller shared his moon shot on 1000 Islands River Rats Facebook page.