TI Life for May '24 is now online

So much happening - boats launched, cottages opened and families arriving. Summer 2024 promises to be a good one. The TI Life team is working hard to bring you news, photographs, and most of all, interesting articles. Enjoy

TI Life for May 2024 is now online.

From the Editor, May 2024 – by Susan W. Smith
Lots of news, with sad news and tributes to Charlie Donevan - Gananoque; Zell Steever - Grindstone Island and Judy Pearson - Cape Vincent; Paul Harding retires plus Clayton Quilt Show news - plus photographs of our River.

Women Who Build and Race Boats – by Rick Casali
Traditionally, the boating industry has been dominated by men . . . This article will focus on a few women who have been pioneers in boat building and racing in the Thousand Islands.

Ian Coristine's Postage Stamp – Susan W. Smith
May 6, 2024, saw the launch of Ian’s Canada Post stamp. He was contacted a few months prior to his passing to submit an image of the Thousand Islands for a Canadian series From Far and Wide.

Construction of the Thousand Islands Bridge System: according to the LTI Archives – by James Saynor
This story is from the Canadian perspective, so we start with a suspension bridge, then a steel arch span . . .

A series of Leeds and Thousand Islands Archives' photographs of building the Thousand Islands Canadian Spans - treasurers.

Mesmerizing! – by Bridgett McCann
The one word that fittingly describes the gentle, waving, dance of a rolling meadow in the midday breeze . . . But as family farms grow fewer, their hayfields, pastures, and meadows are falling victim to fragmentation . . .

Mary Politis provides her favorite summer recipes [Illustration by Marie-Anne Erki, ©2024, Kingston, ON]

Call for Recipes: Mary’s Summer River Recipes – by Mary Politis
Mary Politis suggests her Tomato Caprese Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, French Bread, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Summer Pizzas.

“Changes in Latitudes" by Elaine Tack
From Hobart, Tasmania, Artist Nathaniel Hiller and from Upstate New York, the late Larry Tack – will present an exhibition at the Thousand Islands Art Center this summer.

River Shoreline Erosion Problems? NY Sea Grant Can Help – by Kara Lynn Dunn
Shoreline erosion is a constant issue for waterfront property owners. The action of wind, water, and ice against the shore impacts the natural environment and manmade structures . . .

Kim Lunman says, "Welcome Back Harry! - Harry the Great Blue Heron has finally returned to our Bay in time for fishing season after a long winter down south."

Welcome Aboard “The Boaty Show!” – by Wayne Strauss
Want to go boating . . . We can’t wait! Fortunately, on February 18th, a fix for our fantasizing became available to help us make it through the winter months – a new podcast called “The Boaty Show.”

Dan LeKander's Sudokus - #196-#200 – by Dan LeKander
Hold it! See the number 200 – which means that over the years, Dan LeKander has presented 200 Sudoku Puzzles to our TI Life readers . . .

Dan LeKander presents #200 in his series of Sudokus for TI Life.

And stories about Roscoe the Fish continue

Episode 7 – The Fish Grove, Part 1 – by Sarah Bodine
One Friday evening in the middle of July, Roscoe was sitting at the Minnow Bar, idly sipping a foam shake, when Rose darted by and hurriedly whispered, "Have you heard of the new amusement park over by Wellesley Island?”

Episode 7 – The Fish Grove, Part 2 – by Sarah Bodine
Despite the possibility of meeting Quin, Roscoe was not about to give up his day at the amusement park. He had outsmarted Quin once, and he could outsmart him again.

Episode 7 – The Fish Grove, Part 3 – by Sarah Bodine
“We must let Quin know that he’s in danger.” “That won’t be easy,” said Rose. Roscoe twirled his eyeballs, which helped him think . . . The plan began to take shape as they lost no time heading back to the fireworks stall . . .

Take care, stay well and enjoy May flowers.

Susan W. Smith, info@thousandislandslife.com