TI Life for March is now online

A dozen articles for this special month. Special for two important reasons. First, the St. Lawrence Seaway will open on March 22, so the shipping season will officially begin. Second, we provide information about the opportunity to see the Total Eclipse on the St. Lawrence River. Yes, this is a special edition!

The March issue of TI Life is now online.

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So here we go . . .

From the Editor, March ‘24 – by Susan W. Smith
Read a tribute to Glennis Newton for Int. Women's Day, and read about the Total Eclipse on April 8th, and view an old video of Iceboating near Gananoque. Plus Photographs by Karen Millspaugh, James R. Miller, Erin McCarthy Green, and Nora Detlor.

Hat's off to Glennis Newton who celebrated International Women's Day by going in the River! Bravo.

Fog – by Larry Asam
Nothing makes me jump out of bed faster than a long blast from a ship’s horn. I look out the window and see nothing but – FOG . . .

Oh SNAP! – by Patricia Mondore
When I first spotted the giant turtle at the side of the road, I have to admit that my first thought was that it had a face only a mother (turtle) could love . . .

Ice Boats of the Thousand Islands – by Rick Casali
The frozen St. Lawrence River has been a means for safely transiting from island to island in winter . . . The ice also gave birth to iceboats as a means to safely cross the frozen body of water.

The Cow Path – by Manley L. Rusho
Worn smooth into the meadow was the cow path leading to the barn. Our farm had about 20 milk cows and the path was the route our cattle followed to the barn from the meadow and back again.

Book Review: "Containing History: How Cold War History Explains US-Russia Relations" – by Raymond Pfeiffer
Stephen Friot’s detailed, authoritative, and fascinating study of the history of relations between Russia and the USA broadens and deepens our grasp of the story of the last hundred years, and current realities.

Our Seaway Has Many Heroes – by Cary R. Brick
Two other major supporters have been forgotten – President Calvin Coolidge and then-Senator John F. Kennedy also played important roles in seeking Congressional approval for US Seaway construction, nearly three decades apart.

Meet "Quin" in Episodes 3 & 4, by Sarah Bodine

Episode 3 – The Journey Downriver – by Sarah Bodine
After bouncing around in the lock, Roscoe and Rose were exhausted. They found a hiding place in a rocky outcropping along the lakeshore and slept all day. When they awoke, dusk was beginning to fall, and they were ravenous . . .

Episode 4 – The Perilous Escape – by Sarah Bodine
“There, there,” said Rocky’s uncle, trying to calm Roscoe, but he understood the urgency. Quickly he drew a map on the sandy bottom, marking with an ‘x’ . . .

Don't miss the "Before the Summer Sale" - Artwork by Karen Leslie Hall ©2024

Before the Summer Collectible Art Show & Sale – by Martha Stroud
This year, the organizers of the Before the Summer Show travelled far and wide to find exciting artists who are new to the show, and they have also included some fine craftspeople to add to the variety.

Call for Recipes: the Mixologist’s Favorite Cold Beer Accompaniment – by Cary R. Brick
The “guru” suggests that this treat is enjoyed to the fullest with a cadre of highly excitable friends, while watching highly competitive baseball, football, hockey, or basketball on the establishment’s 72-inch screen . . .

Call for Recipes: Sue’s Fish Fry – by Sue March
Where else would you find a fish fry recipe but on the River? Sue gives us her take on a simple but tasty recipe!

All ready for you to try our March puzzles presented by Dan LeKander.

Sudokus for March ’24 – by Dan LeKander
Step up to the table.  There are 4 great Sudoku puzzles being served this month.

Enjoy, stay safe, enjoy St. Patrick's Day. Then remember - don’t look at the sun on April 8th without eye protection!

Susan W. Smith, Editor