Thousand Island Life is Now Online

Our March Issue has 15 articles. Usually, we limit the number to 9 – 13, but after receiving each one, I would ask myself, "should we wait on this one?" and each time I said, "No." You will enjoy each and every article.  And if you don't, please let me know!

The St. Lawrence Seaway opens this week, daylight savings time is here and shots are going in arms. It is time to join River associations, museums, theatres - everything that interests you and keeps you safe. We look forward to all 2021's virtual and safe in-person events.

Spring has sprung! Photo by Janet Staples, Clayton NY, March 13, 2021

TI News in March ‘21 – A Summer video by Dylan Semprivio, winter and spring photographs.  

Camp Life at the American Canoe Association – by Lynn E. McElfresh - While the events at the ACA camp itself were a curiosity, as interesting as a circus or wild west show.

Ship Watching: 2020 Rewind, 2021 Fast-forward – by Michael Folsom  - a Review of 2020 with groundings, amazing towing, new ships and lots of excitement.

Andrew Kane: His Photography, His Art, His Passion and His Life - By Raymond Kowalski - "Andrew, Thousand Islanders on both sides of the border have by now seen — and been impressed with — your beautiful images of this region.  What was your "I'm going to do this, moment?"

One of those special winter days! Photograph by Brianna Rowlee

Mark Ellis, The Limestone, and so much more – by Doug McLellan - “Hi, I’m Mark from there” (pointing at Dumfounder). And at that moment, my 30-year friendship with Mark Ellis, long-time River Rat, esteemed yacht designer, and father of the Limestone began.

Birdwatching 101 & Birdhouses – by Hermann Samano - Backyard birding is an activity suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. It is also completely free.

Jacob Hays, of Manhattan, NY, and Round Island, NY – by Linda Twichell  - “Mr. H. S. Barbour, with 25 workmen, has begun work for four weeks on Round Island. An elegant and expensive cottage is being put up for Jacob Hays of New York City . . . ”

The Blonde Bombshell and the Iceboat – By Tom Robbins, Illustrated by Sara Coate - Sallie was the very definition of a blonde bombshell. Tall, shapely, blessed with thick waves of long blonde hair, and striking blue eyes that mirrored the color of the River on a perfect summer’s day.

Glen Elbe Farm Gift – by Don Ross - At Glen Elbe is a farm so deeply steeped in history and so very rich in nature, that its story needs to be told.

More About Minna  – by Patty Mondore - We discovered a little more of Minna Anthony Common's fascinating story that ends up circling back to the Thousand Islands of today!

“A.E. Vickery” Hits a Shoal – by Dick Palmer - One of the most popular dive sites on the St. Lawrence  River is the remains of the sunken schooner A.E. Vickery, off Rock Island Light near Clayton.

Food for Thought! – by Martha Grimes - My beginner's luck earned the reward of dinner for my family, followed by a trip to the E.R  . . . The romance nearly ended before it began.

Rd White shares his Wednesday, March 10, 2021 photo of the River at Cedar Point State Park.

Sudoku Puzzles #77 & #76 – by Dan LeKander - As a bonus, each month this year we will start with a Sudoku puzzle in progress, where it appears there are no more obvious or not-so-obvious clues.

The Witch of Wellesley Island, Chapter 4: What Pete Forgot – by Patrick Metcalf - The relief that Pete and Sarah felt, as they sped through the Narrows and away from incomprehensible peril, lasted about fifteen seconds.

Excursions in the Pacific Ocean, Part 2 – by Derek Innes - In Part I, some readers  thought there should be no problem with a flood tide that gets you "back to the launch ramp" when the wind drops to zero, but . . .

A well known vista on the St. Lawrence Seaway! Photo by Brianna Rowlee