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If I complain in January that I was too hot in September, you have permission to scold me! What an amazing summer. I hope you took advantage of the many activities on both sides of the border. I also hope you enjoy this issue of for it is filled with so much news, history and excursions both on land and on the web!

The 2023 September edition with 13 articles is now online!

The moon from Sagastaweka Island, Admiralty Islands. 

From the Editor, September 2023 – by Susan W. Smith
Lots to report this month: Sunflower Contest Winners; TIA Trash pickup; TI Life Corrections; Save Blind Bay Video and the sad news of Don Price and Gregg Rosen . . .

Mystery Artist Found! – by Emily St. Marie with Karen Killian
In 1922, when we published our first article about May Irwin and her illustrated newspaper columns one mystery remained. Who was the artist who captured May Irwin's work? After much searching and research, long shots and dead ends, we have the answer!

Dock Master Goes Fishing – by Winnifred McGowa
Our Dock Master, a great blue heron, is checking for fish before plunging into the water and returning to the dock. It caught its fish on the first try . . .

Andrew Kane, Feather in Flight Productions, shares his view of the International Rift!

Discovering Memory Lane – by Susan W. Smith
What happens when one history buff meets another history buff on the internet? The world is not a better place, but certainly, both buffs are smiling!

My First Day of School, Grindstone Island Lower Schoolhouse, 1936 – by Manley Rusho
Almost halfway across the width of Grindstone Island was the Lower Schoolhouse.

The Story of Eddie McEvoy – by Jack Patterson
It wasn't unusual for him to be here in February, since the island was available for year-round use. He was heading for Sugar Island in 1951, when he set out from Gananoque on skis to cross the ice.

Kathy Strueber Castle captured this view from her Admiralty Group island. Yes, the Big and the Bigger!

The Thousand Islands Railway – by Joseph Naismith
The Thousand Islands Railway (TIR) was a great boost to the factories of Gananoque, which had sprung up on both sides of the Gananoque River . . .

The "Other" Thousand Island Dressing – by Cary R. Brick
Now, here's the lowdown on Ella's salad dressing. She didn't share it with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but she did give it to her friend, my mother Emily (1914 – 2004) . . .

River bRat Growing Old a Son of the River 1970s-2022, Book Review – by Susan W. Smith
Ken Brabant says, "So, I understand that some of my stories may seem far-fetched or at least exaggerated, but I assure you they are told just as I remember them, with no embellishment."

Stock Your Pantry at These Gourmet Eastern Ontario Food Shops Review – by Laura Bryne Paquet
Visiting a food shop is a great reason to check out some of the area’s great communities, including Merrickville, Westport, Portland, Lyndhurst, Seeley’s Bay, Gananoque, Athens, Brockville and Prescott.

Photo by Lysa Yoselowitz-Maslow - and what a great name it is!

Review - “Mysteries of The Keyhole House” – by Craig Jeffrey
Ted Outerbridge, working on stage with his partner and wife Marion, deliver a fascinating two-hour show that combines Outerbridge’s classic style magic trickery with compelling and emotional tales of Keyhole House in Smith's Falls.

Densmore Church Needs Your Help – by Rhonda McNeely
With the help of all our Friends, we aim to raise the funds we need to Preserve Our Past and Build Our Future so that generations to come can continue to enjoy beautiful and historic Densmore Church . . .

September Sudokus #165-#169 – by Dan LeKander
Kick off the fall with a commitment to improve your Sudoku skills.

Stay safe and enjoy the next month - back to you on October 15, 2023.

Susan W. Smith, Editor,

Enjoy the September issue of TILife - Photo by Lysa Yoselowitz-Maslow