November TI Life is Now Online

November means Thanksgiving Season  and Veterans Day in the United States and Canadians stop on November 11th for Remembrance Day. All three give us the opportunity to be grateful.

The November issue of Thousand Islands Life Magazine is now online.

We have 14 articles for you this month, starting with the Call for the Photo Contest!

Donald Sbarra provides this unique view from the Thousand Islands Bridge!

10th Anniversary Photo Contest by Chris Murray
It’s hard to believe, but this year marks the 10th anniversary of our annual TI Life Photo Contest. Over the years, the contest has provided a wonderful opportunity for those who are passionate about photography.

The Ferries are Here! by Brian Johnson
These ferries can run 100% electric. They will not only improve operations immediately, they are also ready for the future, as they will each be one of the first of their kind in North America.

All About Pumpkins  by Paul Hetzler
In 1900, the world record was 400 pounds. By 1990, it was up to 816 lbs, but that wouldn’t even get you in the door these days – you need a 2,000-pound entry . . .

Extinction is forever . . . Extirpation* is for?  by Gerry Smith
When we think of animal extinction, we may consider the recent US Fish and Wildlife Service announcement removing 27 species from the endangered species list by declaring them extinct throughout their range.

Mike Nicholl-Carne captures a photo of his whole rental fleet ready for winter!

Portolano in Prescott brings warmth to the season - by Deanna Clark
Portolano brings style, colour and warmth to the season. An introduction to Portolano, a leather distribution company located in Prescott, ON.

The Dobbs by Manley Rusho
My father obtained the boat, which we called the Dobbs, in 1945 or ‘46. The boat was a 21-foot launch-type boat, built in Morris Heights, New York City, around 1904. A quaint little boat, she was narrow, maybe 6 feet wide, with a round bottom.

Matthew Saunders shares his photograph of the CSL St-Laurent in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Book Review: Deep River Deception by Susan W. Smith
I don't want to give anything away since this is a mystery, but when I got to a certain place in Part 2, I literally could not put the book down.

Alson Skinner Clark and about "Colleen’s Confession" by Susan G. Mathis
American Impressionist artist, muralist, and photographer, Alson Skinner Clark, is most remembered for his beautiful landscapes that often sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

TIA has a Busy Year by Janet Smith Staples
Thousand Islands Association (TIA): Shoal Marking, Fishing Line Recycling Stations, Trash Free River Clean up day, and "River Talk" . . . a very busy year.

Explore the Indian River Lakes Conservancy by Wayne Strauss
Known collectively as the Indian River Lakes system, these bodies of water have an important ecological purpose. The system serves as a watershed for the Oswegatchie River, which flows north from the Adirondack Mountains to the St. Lawrence River. . .

Douglas Tulloch captures this on a cold November morning!

Before the Rush Art Show 2021 by Martha Stroud
Come and share some Christmas joy, do some gift shopping for others, or provide a little self care and take home a gift for yourself!

The Witch of Wellesley Island, Chapter 8: Edwin's Insights by Patrick Metcalf
"Ok . . ." said Pete. "What about this this?" He handed Edwin his phone with a picture of the amulet. "Is that blood?" asked Edwin. "Yes. Well, we think so . . ." said Sarah. "It's being tested. We think . . ." "Why?" said Edwin.

Sudoku Puzzles #94 & #95 by Dan LeKander
On the morning of Sept 23 an idea came to me, which was to identify the number being used, and to mentally place the black tokens . . . yes, a whole new hint on solving Dan' Sudoku Puzzles.

Stay safe and enjoy!

Susan W. Smith, Editor ,

Pat English shares her photograph of the "Florence Spirit" at the The Port of Prescott Grain Elevator