May Issue of TI Life is Now Online

11 Articles for May, 2020 - We hope these will give you a smile and provide new and important information for summer 2020:

Thousand Islands Life for May, 2020 is now online:

• Ticked Off… by Paul Hetzler, provides important information about TICKS and LYME Disease.

• Enjoy some history with A Walk in the Parks, by Lynn E. McElfresh.

• Discover the Quick Guide to Tracking Ships, from Michael Folsom. Also, Dennis McCarthy provides a valuable resource for scuba divers in Wrecks in Jefferson County.

• Enjoy the artwork of Tisa, and Uncommon Beauty photography by Chris Murray.

• Two essays: The first by Richard Withington, The Reality of COVID-19, and Janet Guerrero D’Alessandro writes The River in 2020.

• For those of us spending time cooking, cooking and cooking, (and you want to smile...)  Nicole Hartshorn gives us Seaworthy Spring Rolls.

• Sudoku Puzzle #65, by Dan LeKander, will keep you busy.

• And be sure to read my TI Life News in May as Peter Metcalf presents a terrific little piece of poetry and we pay tribute to Dennis Brennan and Hans C. Wahl.

I don't need to remind everyone to stay safe, but I genuinely hope we all stay well.

Susan W. Smith, Editor,

Water Level this year on May 12, 2020 at Cape Vincent Pier. [Photo by Dennis McCarthy]
Water Level last year on May 12, 2019 at Cape Vincent Pier. [Photo by Dennis McCarthy]

[Out thanks to Dennis McCarthy for capturing and sharing the history of River water levels.]