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We all need a boost in February, so we have compiled these dozen articles and several winter photographs just for you!

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News From the Editor – By Susan W. Smith
Congratulations to Save the River! for a successful winter conference, to Jim McGarry, Friend of the River Award winner, and to Johnathon Pensyl, winner of the Annual Dan Tack Musky Award. Plus, wonderful winter photography.

The start of winter on the St. Lawrence! Photo by Lynn Greenia Schneider

The Ice Harvest – by Manley L. Rusho
Before electric power was expanded into the Thousand Islands, there was a small, but brutal business called ice harvesting. Basically, it consisted of cutting large chunks of ice from the frozen St. Lawrence River . . .

All That Glitters – Paul Hetzler
I never would have imagined that glitter could be a pollutant of concern. At my age, I need glasses to find a postage stamp – it’s a long shot that I could help pick up glitter.

A perfect winter view of Clayton, NY's waterfront by Ken Carlson

All About Cooper Hawks – by Gerry Smith
Did you know that many states and federal governments in North America passed legislation protecting birds of prey? Author Gerry Smith will explain . . .

Ship! – by Teri Bruno
I received a Journal named "Oh Ship!". Little did I realize just how much of my time would be taken up! See what I saw . . .

The Kingfisher Tale – by Ralph Boston
One day we received a call from Kit Chubb. She had just received a clutch of seven kingfisher fledglings. They had been rescued from a deserted nest tunnel. It had been wrecked by road construction work along the high sandy road bank.

Karen Millspaugh captured winter ice fog in front of Boldt Castle

Cliffe Craft Revisited – by Marc Benoit
I got involved with Cliffe Craft boats in 1994 when searching around to find a decent, restorable, wooden hull regardless of the company or the builder.

Remembering GBL’s Wilfred Bilow – by Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson had heard of this guy. He had a reputation as being ‘tough as nails’. Everyone in the local marine industry from Picton to Prescott either knew him or of him. Most feared him. But everyone . . .

We still have winter swimmers! Photo by Lynn Greenia Schneider

Swan Song – by Patty Mondore
Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw two large white UFOs, flying along the shoreline. I listened carefully and, sure enough, I heard that familiar whistling sound. I pulled out my camera and wildly aimed . . .

Taking the Trolley to Alexandria Bay Trolley – Richard Palmer
One of the first electric trolley lines in northern New York was a line built from Redwood to the village of Alexandria Bay. It was only seven and a half miles long and was built by a group of local investors . . .

Debbie Mcdonald captures Thousand Islands Park in the winter

Rock Island Lighthouse – by Mary Alice Snetsinger
Rock Island is most likely the most famous light station on the River. Read all about it!

Sudoku Puzzles #100 & #101 – by Dan LeKander
When we published the final article in Dan's series “Steps to learn the logic of Sudoku”, I never in a million years thought that Dan would so graciously offer to do one or two puzzles just for TI Life, each month – but this month we present numbers 100 & 101!

Enjoy, and please leave comments or send them to me; we want to know what article themes you like the best.

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