Correction for January TI Life

As editor, I am sorry that I sent out our Email Notice this morning with a number of incorrect links to articles.

To ensure you can access all articles from this email, I ask that you just link to our home page.  There are 12 article for you to enjoy.

Here is a list of articles:

From the Editor:

• January 2020 - A New Year


• Lynn McElfresh’s Island Terrarium;
• Paul Hetzler’s Winter Swings;
• Aliana Young writes That Beautiful Sound;
• and The Thousand Acre Challenge by Calder Schweitzer.


• Chris Murray presents Depth of Field: The Story Behind the Image “Winter Solitude.”


• The Thousand Islands... Not a Bad Place to Spend the Summer, by Patrick Metcalf.

Island Living:

• Raymond Pfeiffer’s Sea Smoke Rising, A River Odyssey;
• Arthur Bronstein’s Shortest Day of the Year.

Small World Department:

• 1962, by Tom Robbins, Don Ross & Callie Woodman Quarrier.


• Cary Brick’s Nashville Airport's Look at Two $$$ Boats and Remembering Powers’ Guide Boat from Round Island!


• Our Sudoku Puzzle #62 by Dan LeKander.

Once again, I apologize.

Susan W. Smith, Editor,