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Our April 2022 issue has 15 articles – the most ever! For sure something for everyone and each is unique in its own way. Deciding on the order in which they appear is always a task, but this time it was even more difficult. I suggest you start at the last one, three sudokus, and work your way to the top, where you can spend the winter on an island and not get cold. And best of all, there is a solution to the worry about the spawning grounds of the Muskie!

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From the Editor, April 2022 – By Susan W. Smith
The start of another summer - boats launched and cottages opening. We pay tribute to two lost Canadian champions. John Taylor, Tremont Island and Island Dave Beatty from Brockville.

Kim Lunman Grout captures the returning Great Blue.

Agreement Reached to Protect Blind Bay; TILT to Conserve Critical River Habitat– by Jake Tibbles
(Clayton, NY) Wednesday, April 13  – The Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT) today announced that it has reached an agreement with Blind Bay Associates LLC to acquire the 295 feet of undeveloped waterfront and adjacent 20 plus acres of upland in Blind Bay.

Island Winter – by Glenn Sandiford
People who hear that I spent my winter on an island in upstate New York typically have one of three responses. They're envious; they couldn't do it because they'd feel lonely; or ask, with dismissive incredulity, “Why would you freeze your ass off wintering in the Thousand Islands?”

Watch "The River, Living the St. Lawrence! from WPBS by Susan W. Smith
Did you see the PBS Series "The River, Living the St. Lawrence?" All six episodes are here to watch, including one with me - Susie! (For sure it was an honour to be part of this project)

Claytons 150th: Clayton’s Opera House By Julie Garnsey
There will be more than 80 events scheduled in 2022 that include both TIPAF events and rentals – yes, right here in the Clayton Opera House - but what is its history? The cornerstone was laid in 1903 . . .

Synthetic Photosynthesis! – by Paul Hetzler
Every so often, an obscure technical innovation really lights me up. In the fall of 2021, a team of German scientists published a report on their work injecting tadpole noggins with algae.

Dennis McCarthy's little friend must be happy that the ice is gone, too.

Childhood Memories of Bullhead Fishingby Manley Rusho
A bullhead is a primitive looking fish, armed with fins that are capped with very sharp horns, one on each side on top of the head. Fishing for bullheads is a ritual, an almost sacred ceremony.

Team Rubicon:  Soooo . . . what did you do for Christmas? By Michael Leprade
Me? Well, four days after we arrived back in California, I was deployed with Team Rubicon, so I grabbed my GO bag and headed to the airport. I joined a flood recovery strike team to conduct an emergency disaster response operation in Sumas, Washington.

Projected Seaway Season 2022 – by Cary Brick
What about the 2022 season? That depends on what is happening in Ukraine. Think grain and more grain.

Queen of the Inland Seas – by Alan Goldstein
SS South American, a 321-foot overnight Great Lakes passenger steamer, did not normally ply the waters of the St Lawrence River. Her realm was the waters of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie.

Early Navigation on the Chaumont River, Depauvilleby Richard Palmer
To look at the shallow and winding six-mile Chaumont River, running between Chaumont and Depauville, NY, it’s hard to believe that this stream was once navigated by steamboats and even by a sizable schooner.

Growing Community in the Garden by Shannon Walter
Each spring, about 20 families, swaddled in raincoats and fleece, don their rubber boots and brave the changeable April weather to begin rousing a little corner of Zenda Farms Preserve.

Kim Lunman Grout also welcomed back these birds of a feather . . .

Dead Wind: A New Shana Merchant Investigator Novel – by Susan W. Smith
Tessa Wegert's DEAD WIND is a new novel released in hard cover on 5 April, 2022 – just in time for a summer read! This is Tessa's third novel in a series that takes place in the Thousand Islands.

Before the Summer Art Showby Martha Stroud
Yes, the artists are excited to be able to exhibit the paintings that have been piling up in their spare rooms, and this year we have decided to add some sculpture, too.

Sudoku Puzzles #104, #105, & #106 by Dan LeKander
April is bonus month.  In addition to the “Clueless series” and feature puzzle, April will be the first month with a 3rd puzzle, a challenging Sudoku.

Happy Easter and please stay safe.

Susan W. Smith, Editor, susansmith@thousandislandslife.com

Lynda Crothers from Wolfe Island shares her new spring friend.